"Brian Molko: the internet made us poor", Jul'07

I'd smoked an indecent amount of cigs while waiting. Of course i got exited. And naturally - like a real blond fan my hands were shaking. Because of which he was holding them. And told me i was pretty in order to relax. Then we talked about funny things for 5 minutes despite the seeming serious issues. Ostava was sounding around us, Brian said he likes them. He said he remembers Naso Ruskov.

He's a nice, little man. He's calm, speaks quietly and slowly. With the voice he sings. He smiles but even then there's a breath of melancholy around him. It turned out that is a big issue for him (not that it's surprising having in mind the music). Minutes before the beginning of the second concert of the band in Sofia, some questions to him.

What do you remember of the previous performance here?

I remember it very well. It was good. But i think that now the place is better. Because the hall in which we played the first time was with sitting places and wasn't suitable for a rock concert. Now were at a better place to rock.

Do you take 'Meds' while writing the music?

Well, before - yes. Now - no.

What do you cure with meds - the album is very melancholic...

Yes. Well, actually most of the music i write is melancholic. Because i use writing of songs as a way to cope with reality and to canalize my own melancholy. Because i am a depressive and melancholic character. All emotions i vent - that's because i use the music like a kind of a therapy.

There are very contrasting opinions - a great part of the fans say that 'Meds' and 'Sleeping With Ghosts' are your best albums, and for others they are worse than the previous ones. What do you think?

Well not only me but the whole band like every other band imagines and believe that the last album is really the best one, after all.

Who will be the producer of your next project?

We don't know, yet. But the work with Dimitrii (Tokovoi) was great.

Many musicians have problems with the labels. How do you get along with yours?

I can't answer to that question because we are looking for a label...We don't have any recording contracts.

Electronic or hard, old-school sound?

For studio recordings - old-school for sure.

How the internet changed the band?

Made us poorer. 

Which is more important - the concerts or the new recordings.

I think that the live performances are going to be much more important in the future. Because nobody wants to buy music anymore... 

What brings more money at the moment then?

At the moment, the tour. Definitely. 

How much make-up do you put on in your private life?

Oh, not much. It depends on how bad is the state of my skin.

Might it be very bad?

Oh yes, very bad sometimes haha.

How do you get up?

I open my eyes. 

How do you go to bed?

I close my eyes.

What do you read in the toilet?

Magazines. I don't like going to the toilet. That's why i always take something to read. If i can't i read the labels of the shampoos.

With which head do you think?

The bigger one. 

When do you 'don't want to wake up' ?

There used to be a lot of that. But now i'm better. That last time was around an year ago, but i don't want to talk about the circumstances which drove me to this state, at all.

You are?

Whoever i choose to be.