Bionic-club "Stefan answers fan questions", Jan'07

2007 comes with a big schedule for Placebo. Meds tour goes on around the American continent, then back to Europe and also the side projects of some of the Placebo boys keep their fans interested and enthusiastic. 
We have taken the opportunity of Stefan being in Madrid, in their break from the tour and using his break to go on with his side project Hotel Persona, Bionic-club have had the chance to pass him the questions about Placebo from their fans. 

Plans for this new year; taste in music, literature and films; curiosities about Placebo and many other things that Stefan has let us know in this interview made by and for Placebo fans.

Bionic: Which plans do you have for touring next year?
Stefan: We will be going to South America in March and April, and probably back to the US at some point. Nothing planned for Europe yet, but there will be something late spring/early summer.

Bionic: Is there any chance to see Placebo playing an acoustic gig in Spain ? 
Stefan: We enjoy acoustic sets and have done a few for Meds, some of which have been released and some of which might come out later, even on DVD. But before we do one in Spain , I think we should come and play a full electric set first!

Bionic: Is there any special film director that you'd like to direct a Placebo video? 
Stefan: Spike Jonze, Jonas Akerlund, Michel Gondry

Bionic: How would be the ideal Placebo's album?
Stefan: The ideal placebo album is not made yet! If we make it, that will be the day we stop.

Bionic: In a Placebo single, How do you decide whether to include b-sides or remixes? And how do you decide which songs to remix and who is going to do it? 
Stefan: We want to give value for money, so we try to put original songs as b-sides, but if we don't have any we will get remixes done. We ask people we admire to do remixes of songs we feel could be interesting to be treated by someone else.

Bionic: Which Placebo's song would you like to listen covered by another band? And which band would be that? 
Stefan: I would like Gotan Project to cover ‘In the Cold light of Morning”.

Bionic: How do you figure out the titles of your songs? Especially your instrumental ones. 
Stefan: Brian usually has a whole list in his head of phrases and titles that we use to title songs. But there is no real science to it. For example Evalia is the product name of the answering machine that I used to record the talking in the song.

Bionic: What were you thinking about when you wrote Space Monkey? What was the inspiration for writing it? 
Stefan: Space Monkey is a mystery to us! We don't really know how it turned out the way it did. We started to write it around Sleeping with Ghosts and over the years it changed form. We used instruments we hadn't used before and tuned the guitars to new tunings.

Bionic: What is the next phase for Placebo after Meds?
Stefan: We plan on touring until summer 2007. Then we are going to take a break to recharge our batteries and find something new to write about.

Bionic: Do you think that being in a Record Company or in another affect in your creativity? How the change of Company affects in Placebo? 
Stefan: It's important for us to retain complete creative control, which we have been lucky to have. Any contract in the future has to include that as well.

Bionic: Which recent albums have surprised you? 
Stefan: TV on the Radio ‘Return to Cookie Mountain ” and CSS “Cansai de Ser Sexy”

Bionic: Why have you chosen Alex Lee for support musician?
Stefan: We chose Alex Lee because he is a very good all round musician, but especially good at guitar playing. He has helped Placebo sound bigger and better on stage. He's not bad looking either!

Bionic: What feeling did you experience the first time you arrive to Mexico ? What do you feel every time you arrive to Mexico ? 
Stefan: Mexico has welcomed us with open arms, and every time we go there we feel like we're in the Beatles. It's crazy!

Bionic: Why do you think Placebo is such a big success in Mexico ? And in France? 
Stefan: I could think of lots worse countries to have success in! I don't really know why but I guess they have very good taste in music!

Bionic: What do you miss the most when touring? 
Stefan: I miss my comfortable sofa.

Bionic: Which is your favourite place in the world? 
Stefan: Madrid at the moment. The people, the atmosphere, the night life, the language and my flat.

Bionic: What is the idea of fame for Placebo? 
Stefan: To us fame is a sign of success for something you've done that people appreciate and respect.

Bionic: What do you like of fame and what you don't? 
Stefan: Fame can get you to places and people you normally couldn't get to. It can also be a danger to you and your families' safety.

Bionic: Which artist would you like to work with in future?
Stefan: Grace Jones

Bionic: Do you have any superstition? Any habit? 
Stefan: Before every show, we have a group hug and scream ourselves silly!

Bionic: Last book you have read. 
Stefan: Blindness by Jose Saramago

Bionic: Which has been the biggest mistake on stage? 
Stefan: Our wardrobe from 1996-1999

Bionic: Do Placebo regret of anything from the past? 
Stefan: The past is a big rock that can't be moved, we tend to look more to the future.

Bionic: Which facts of being in Placebo motivate you for your day by day life? 
Stefan: Placebo is such a big part of my life that I wouldn't know what to do without it.

Bionic: What do you think of Placebo fans? What point of view do you have of them? 
Stefan: We have fans from all walks of life from all over the world. Most of them that I've met have been loving, intelligent and respectful. Thanks for staying with us!! 

Best wishes from bionic-club to Placebo in 2007. We thank Stefan Olsdal and David Amen their collaboration, support and most of all their friendship. We'd like to thank too all Placebo fans who have made a big part of this interview through their questions. 

Translations: TOY 
Head and foot text: ALF

Source: bionic