Bionic-club "Hotel Persona answer fan questions", Feb'07

Music doesn't leave the one who works with it. Even in rest moments, there is an area in the brain devote to combine sounds. It is in those moments when Stefan Olsdal, after a hard work year launching 'Meds' and an international tour, he keeps his creative activity apart from his work with Placebo.

Stefan and David Amen have had a few weeks of complete dedication to Hotel Persona while being in Madrid at the beginning of the year: writing new songs, getting ready their debut album and some dj-sets in the busy Madrid 's night and in other Spanish cities. Writing and acting inside a big eclecticism, Hotel Persona is a project done to join the anonymity and the madness found in a Hotel with the identity concept inside each person.

Bionic-club have had the chance to talk to the boys from this particular Hotel and pass them the questions from their fans: beginnings, influences, future plans and many other curiosities which are here answered:

Bionic: How did you decide to form Hotel Persona? How had the idea? How did you meet? 
Stefan: We met in London a long time ago in a Club in Brixton, but Hotel Persona didn't come up till a long time after that; David began to write songs which I set to music; I can't say that we ‘decided' to form Hotel Persona in an specific moment but that it was rised bit a bit.

Bionic: Stefan, Does Hotel Persona affect to Placebo in some way? 
Stefan: No, Hotel Persona is something I do when I have a break of Placebo, I write different kind of music and not all this music have place in Placebo, that's what I find interesting in this side project, that I can develop other aspects and kinds of music that would be lost in other way.

Bionic: Which bands have influenced you mainly? 
David: The bands which have interested me in different moments have been: Pegamoides. Golpes Bajos, Cure, Smiths, Prince, Pet Shop Boys, Suede, Blur, Bjork, Fangoria, Blondie…… and many others; lately bands like Royksopp, The Knife, Jay-Jay Johanson.

Bionic: Who gave the name to the band? What is Hotel Persona? 
David: At the beginning we wanted to be Material, but it happens that there is an American band with that name already, so we had to think of something different and honestly it took us time till we found Hotel Persona. Stefan had a DVD movie by Ingmar Bergman called Persona (it's a very strange film from his beginnings) and we thought this name was perfect, but we found out that there were 2 or 3 bands already with that name, so we added Hotel that is the opposite to Persona in some way. You can be anonymous in a hotel, it's a temporary residence, you can pretend to be whoever you like, and Persona is something you can't escape from, the person you are goes with you since you are born till the end. We thought it was interesting to mix these two concepts.

Bionic: Which are the plans as a band for Hotel Persona? 
HP: At the moment to release the album that we have ready, going on writing and developing this project.

Bionic: Is it in your plans going on remixing other bands? 
You have done many Dj sessions, what do you enjoy the most of these sessions? 
Stefan: Hotel Persona have different sides…. 
As you probably know we have done a couple of remixes for Placebo, She Wants Revenge and United. Of course we'll go on doing it whenever it comes up something we find sufficiently interesting; we love making remixes, you come across a song already done which you are going to change in something different, you show a different view of that song, it's like a game and it's very immediate. 
As Djs we have been touring around a lot of places and we like it, we play the music we'd like to dance when we go out and it seems people have a good time. We don't restrict to just one kind of music, we play all kinds from songs which are more than 20 years old till new ones, from Nine Inch Nails to Madonna.

Bionic: Tell us something about your album. When will be released? Will you launch it internationally ? Spanish or English? Videos? 
Stefan: There are many things still in the air, at the moment we are deciding which company we can firm with. Our purpose, in case everything goes all right, is to release it this year, at the end of summer or something like that, but there is nothing sure yet. 
Most of the songs are written in Spanish (David writes the lyrics) so it will be released firstly here and then we'll see.

Bionic: Any plan of tour as a band? Will you do an special album launching? 
Stefan: Although it's very soon yet… I think we'll do something when I finish Placebo's tour. But we'll keep telling you as we are having more information.

These answers, and the funny nights they have given us in their dj-sets make us lose patient more and more in the waiting for their debut album full of interesting collaborations, as Alaska or Brian Molko. We will have to wait till the end of Placebo tour to enjoy of this project. We wish the best to David Amen and to Stefan Olsdal for their Hotel Persona, a place where all of us will have to stay for one night at any moment.

To all who have sent us questions, and to Hotel Persona for their five stars hospitality, thank you very much!

English translation: TOY 
Head and foot text: ALF

Source: bionic