"Ty chats with Stefan Olsdal of Placebo", 2007

Ty: This is a question from the last artist we interviewed.. Ryan from STRATA asks. "How do you like your eggs?"

Stefan: Scrambled like my brain is today. (laughter)

Ty: What band on the Project Revolution tour do you enjoying playing with the most?
Stefan: Probably My Chemical Romance

Ty: What has been the hardest obstacle Placebo has faced so far?

Stefan: Just sticking around and remaining vital

Ty: What is your favorite and least favorite song to play live??

Stefan: My favorite is probably still Meds from the last album, and my least favorite is Pure Morning from the second album.

Ty: What other artists are you currently listening to and what do you recommend to our readers?

Stefan: I listen to a jazz lounge band from Sweden called Coope, and I recommend Release the Stars by Rufus Wainwright.

Ty: What are the differences between touring in the United States, and touring in the U.K. Where do you enjoy playing the most?

Stefan: That's 3 questions in one, you're really cheeky aren't ya? (laughter). Well I'll answer the first, America is a lot bigger so we spend a lot of time on the tour bus. We'll still working on the States, we have bigger audiences over in Europe. It's the 3rd time over here for this record. So it's kind of like we're widening the seed that we planted like 10 years ago, and we're still waiting for it to blossom basically.

Ty: If the world were to end tommorow, where would you want to be?

Stefan: On the roof of my apartment block in London hugging someone that I love.

Ty: If you weren't a musician, what would you be?

Stefan: a housewife.

Ty:How do you feel about fans buying your music online? Do you prefer when they buy your actual CD?

Stefan: Speaking from my personal preferences, I actually don't buy physical CD's anymore. So I practice what I preach. I have nothing against that what-so-ever. You can't stop technology. If you look back at history, there's been a few periods of change. It's changed between people buying records, and LP's and Cd's and now people are buying music in a digital format. You can't stop change, and you can't stop technology. It's just where we are right now. I have nothing against it, i'm actually kind of enjoying it..

Ty: We like to switch it around and ask our interviewee to ask us a question. So could you please ask me a question?

Stefan: Why are you a jouranlist?

Ty: I just like making a connection with bands that I really like. I don't just pick random bands to interview. I pick ones that I really like and am interested in. I've only done two interviews so far. Both of them are with bands I love. The first was with a band called STRATA.

Ty: Ok, last question...

Stefan: Is there for me to ask a question to the next band?

Ty: (laughter) yes.

Stefan: What have you got to contribute to music history that no other band has contributed?