ACED Magazine "Placebo - Off to Conquer the World", Oct'07

05 October 2007
by Kait Silva

In the beginning of its era, there was a very general definition of rock. It was based on rough sound, risqué lyrics, and a just pinch of pop music. Though rock music has evolved into an entirely different beast nowadays, many popular bands are still following these typical guidelines for what rock music should be.

If you are sickened by the lack of variety in music today, have no fear! The trio maintains their highly stylized, romanticized sound that chills listeners down to the bone. Their revolutionary sound has made them a worldwide favorite on the rock scene.The men of Placebo spoke with ACED Magazine about the Extended Play album, touring, and conquering the world, all-the-while, keeping up their inspiration and attempting not to be devoured by the music industry machine. How do they manage to keep up with all that? Their response was, “I ask myself the same question."

Placebo is Brain Molko, Stefan Olsdal, and Steve Hewitt. The band released their album, Black Market Music in 2000, and has been rocking audiences worldwide ever since.

“Blood, destruction, blackouts, black eyes—we've been there!” the band said. And what else would you expect from a band fresh off the Projekt Revolution tour?

Even before Projekt Revolution, Placebo toured feverishly throughout Europe, Latin America and the US, selling out massive venues like London’s Wembley Arena and Sports Palace in Mexico City.

The band plays so many live shows because they look forward to “playing the right notes and seeing the audience go mental till they cry!” Perhaps it’s a little sadistic to look forward to seeing your audience cry, but that’s just how the band rolls.

Though they have a much wider fan base these days, not much has changed for them. “Time passes quicker, but we still think we feel the same inside as 10 years ago.”

Still, the band has worked hard over the past decade to enjoy the music-making process without being sucked in by the music industry’s gimmicks. “We try to avoid it, feeling like a machine, but there's a lot of organization and decisions to be made. There's a whole world to conquer!”

Now, conquering the world sounds like a good time!

What has Placebo learned during this quest? “The past is a big rock that can't be moved. No use trying.” Since there’s really no such thing as a fresh start in the music industry, the band is taking a practical route toward future success instead dwelling on the past. For instance, they’ve constructed a simple plan to ease through the recording process. “We try to record them quicker, as 9 months in the same room can drive you mad!”

Placebo, a band which has been influenced by “anything from Abba to Zappa,” has seen a transformation in their music, but they’ve got more drive than ever before. “The goals change. Once you achieve one, there is a bigger one in the horizon.” For now, Placebo hopes to spend some time “behind a computer screen trying to write that one super hit!”