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Outburn > Meds (in English)

Scars > Brian Molko interview (in English)

Maxim > Брайан Молко (in Russian)

Kerrang > The Life of Brian (in English, Scans)

Kerrang > Classic Songwriter (in English, Scans)

OK! > Brian Molko: "I'm not revengeful!" (in English)

Keksmag > Placebo (in German, Scans)

Rock Oracle > Placebo (in Russian, Scans)

Ровесник > Лекарства не из аптеки (in Russian, Scans)

January 2006

Rock Magazine > Stefan Olsdal interview (in English)

Rock Magazine > Steve Hewitt interview (in English)

Visions > Doch es kam anders (in German, Scans)

February 2006

Rock Sound > Placebo. Revitalised survivors (in English, Scans)

Kerrang > Parting Shot (in English, Scans)

Kerrang > It was great to rock out (in English, Scans)

Musikexpress > Placebo (in German, Scans)

March 2006

NME > Release news (in English, Scans)

Guitarist Magazine > Album Review (in English, Scans)

Heat Magazine > Album review (in English, Scans)

Q Magazine > Album review (in English, Scans)

Kerrang > Single review (in English, Scans)

The Times > Placebo Effect (in English)

DailyMirror.co.uk > Well, Hello Duckies (in English)

Warez.com > Flood - Pro-Active Producer (in English)

Phosphore > Placebo (in French, Scans)

Musikexpress > Placebo (in English)

Visions > Placebo (in German & English, Scans)

Молоко > Placebo (in Russian, Scans)

Rolling Stone > Placebo (in Russian, Scans)

Rock Mag > Meds Addiction (in French, Scans) >> in English

Bangkok Post > Placebo (in English)

ELEGY > Brut (in French) >> in English >> in Russian

Humo > Interview with Brian (in English)

Rock Mag > A New Dose (in English)

Guitare Xtreme > Placebo: la guitare au premier plan (in French)

Rock Sound > Placebo (in English)

Rolling Stone > Placebo (in Spanish, Scans)

Rolling Stone > Maux & Merveilles (in French, Scans)

Rock One > Placebo, Their chemical romance (in French)

Teraz Rock > Uzależnienie (in Polish, Scans)

Guitar Bass magazine > Placebo, la bonne medecine (in French) >> in Russian

April 2006

Gitarre & Bass > Interview mit Stef (in German, Scans)

Daily Record > Placebo Effect (in English, Scans)

The Times > Live Review (in English, Scans)

Evening Standard > Live review (in English, Scans)

The Guardian > Live review (in English, Scans)

Teraz Rock > Egzorcyzmy (in Polish, Scans)

Boutique > Muzykoterapia w stylu Placebo (in Polish, Scans)

Paris-Match > Placebo (in French, Scans)

Machina > Tworzymy bez przerwy (in Polish, Scans)

Soundfreak.com > Fiona Brice (in English)

Rocksound > Glasgow 2006 Gig (in English, Scans)

Billboard > Placebo Gets Rockier (in English, Scans)

Kerrang > Academy, Birmingham (in English, Scans)

MAG > Back to Basics (in English, Scans)

Rock You > Placebo - Nouvelle cure (in French, Scans)

MixUp > Interview with Steve Hewitt (in English)

BOYZ > The Placebo Efect (in English)

Intro > O2-Musicflash mit Placebo (in German, Scans)

Chord Magazine > Meds (in English)

Zero > Placebo (in English, Scans)

May 2006

Playback:STL Magazine > Meds (in English)

Suicide Girls > Brian Molko of Placebo (in English)

Pitchfork > Meds (in English)

ELLE > Brian Molko, le meilleur des Placebo (in French, Scans)  > in English  > in Russian

Rock Touch > Brillant Brian (in French) >> in Russian

June 2006

The Sun > A Happy Placebo (in English, Scans)

Kerrang! > Brian Molko: The Songs That Changed My Life (in English, Scans)

NME > Infra-Red Review (in English, Scans)

July 2006

Boston Herald > Placebo Effect (in English)

Kerrang > T In The Park (in English)

The Korea Times > Placebo Likes Being "Unfashionable" (in English)

Le Figaro > Les dragées noires de Placebo (in French) >> in Russian

H Magazine > Placebo (in Spanish, Scans)

August 2006

Warez Magazine > Bill Lloyd - Behind the Scenes with Placebo (in English)

Rock Sound > Shit happened (in English, Scans)

Soundfreak.com > Dimitri Tikovoi (in English)

Bendigo Advertiser > Placebo effect (in English, Scans)

September 2006

Total Guitar > Brian Molko (in English, Scans)

Time Off (Brisbane) > The Right Prescription (in English)

The Sydney Morning Herald > Placebo have graduated to prescription drugs (in English)

October 2006

Daily Breeze > Placebo's latest album is good medicine (in English)

Irish Times > Placebo: 10th Anniversary Collectors Edition (in English)

Music Week > Placebo: Meds single (in English)

diggla > Placebo (in German, Scans)

LA Gay > Meds for Pleasure, Meds for Pain (in English)

November 2006

Morning Call > Another Dose Of Placebo (in English)

Chicago Image > Placebo (in English, Scans)

Rock Touch > Dix ans au sommet (in French, Scans)

Tribu Rock > Placebo (in French, Scans)

December 2006

Fender.co.uk > Stefan and Brian’s interview (in English)

The Berlin Paper > Brian Molko interview (in English)

Kerrang > Church of Noise (in English, Scans)

The Sun > 100 Albums of 2006 (in English, Scans)

Sonic Seducer > Oder 20 Minuten, Ochsenschwanzensuppe (in German & Russian, Scans)


Ugo.com > Stefan Olsdal Interview (in English)

Native Instruments > Bill Lloyd Interview (in English)

Auditoryassault.com > Ty chats with Stefan Olsdal of Placebo (in English)

Михаил Козырев "Мой рок-н-ролл" > Placebo (in Russian, Scans)

Bravo > Placebo Перерождение (in Russian, Scans)

Bravo > Одинокие сердцем (in Russian, Scans)

Elle Girl > Placebo (in Russian, Scans)

Молот > Девочка-скандал (in Russian, Scans)

January 2007

Bionic-club > Stefan answers fan questions (in English)

Kerrang > Where to start with... Placebo (in English, Scans)

Meyer Sound > Placebo Delivers a Real Dose of Sound... (in English)

February 2007

Ultimate Guitar > Placebo Offer New And Improved Meds (in English)

Live Daily > Meds (in English)

411 Mania > Interview with Stefan (in English)

Ultimate Guitar > MEDS links (in English)

Blog Critics > Album Review (in English)

Ultimate-Guitar.com > Stefan Olsdal Of Placebo (in English)

Cut Out + Keep > Interview with Brian (in English)

Bionic-club > Hotel Persona answer fan questions (in English)

Anthem Magazine > Behind The Seen (in English, Scans)

March 2007

The MOG > Placebo (in English)

Kerrang > The Coronet, London (in English, Scans)

April 2007

ScenePointBlank > Placebo interview by Graham (in English)

Dallas Observer > Substitute (in English)

andPOP > Of Meds and Men (in English)

May 2007

Musicsnobbery.com > Steve Hewitt interview (in English)

zvuki.ru > Спасибо, Placebo! (in Russian)

Коммерсантъ > Placebo вышли на шум (in Russian)

Gazeta.ru > Placebo забыли свои платья (in Russian)

Zycie Warszawy > Mefistofeles i androgyn (in Polish, Scans)

Rolling Stone > Всем Placebo, все свободны (in Russian, Scans)

Bravo > Трудно быть богом (in Russian, Scans)

June 2007

The Independent > How we met: Brix Smith-Start and Brian (in English, Scans) >> in Russian

EGO (Bulgaria) > Life of Brian (in Bulgarian & English, Scans)

Коммерсантъ > Большое человеческое Placebo (in Russian)

Billboard Russia > Святой Стефан (in Russian, Scans)

Alternative Press > Wil Francis & Brian Molko (in English, Scans)

July 2007

Reax > Placebo: Interview with Brian Molko (in English)

Muzyka I Technologia > Koncert na warszawskim Torwarze (in Polish, Scans)

The Magazine > Growing up golden (in English, Scans)

Teraz Rock > Nie na miejscu (in Polish, Scans)

The Charlotte Observer > Placebo plays 'dark element' (in English, Scans)

... > Brian Molko: the internet made us poor (in English)

August 2007

Klubs > Interview with Stefan (in Latvian & English, Scans)

Girls Gone Punk > Placebo: The Sex and the Drugs and the Complications (in English)

Albuquerque Tribune > Placebo to end U.S. tour near Denver (in English)

Rag Magazine > Just Don’t Call Them Nirvana (in English)

Yale Daily News > Projekt Revolution Tour (in English)

Ponney.com > Interview with Carol Wojtyla about Placebo (in Portuguese) >> in English

Dallas Voice > Life of Brian (in English)

Machina > Brian Molko (in Polish, Scans)

Philadelphia Gay News > Stefan Olsdal (in English)

Revolver > A Friend Indeed (in English, Scans)

Express > Crashing The Arena (in English, Scans)

September 2007

Suicide Girls > Placebo (in English)

Anarchymusic.net > Interview with Placebo bassist Stefan Olsdal (in English)

Shame-free > The Placebo Interview (in English)

Chicago Music Guide > Interview with Brian Molko (in English)

October 2007

ACED Magazine > Placebo - Off to Conquer the World (in English)

November 2007

Placebocity.com > Exclusive: Interview of Robert Schultzberg (in English) >> in Russian

May 2008

Queer.de > Placebo-Bassist in neuer Band (in German)

September 2008

Confront Magazine > A word with Placebo's new drummer (in English)

November 2008

Confront Magazine > Florence é Florentino (in English)

December 2008

Female First > Placebo's Brian Molko chats about MTV EXIT (in English)

World News Australia > Rockers raise Cambodian temple's roof (in English)

Phnom Penh Post > The possibility of redemption (in English)

IQ > Angkor Wat News (in English, Scans)