XFM.co.uk "Brian Molko", Sep'04

02 September 2004

Placebo frontman Brian Molko has been talking exclusively to Xfm Online about his band’s upcoming huge Wembley Arena shows, their new single collection, recording musical Prozac and filming French porno videos.

As previously reported, Placebo will be playing their biggest ever gig at Wembley Arena in November, eschewing their usual three night stint at Brixton Academy. Singer Brian Molko explained to Xfm his reasons for the change.

“It's something that we said we’d never do, cos we love Brixton so much,” he explained, “And its one of those things that bands always say ‘Ah, we’d rather do 17 nights at Brixton than play Wembley’, but its a bit of a benchmark for us, we want to do it once as an F.U. to a lot of people I s’pose and also just to say that we did it and end that section of our career really nicely.”

“We haven’t put the support bands in place yet, but we’re working on putting on people that we really admire. People that will make the whole night an event and it's bonfire night so if we can get some firework action going on that’d be really cool as well."

While the gig will be the band's last for at least two years (“We’ll be concentrating on recording the new album in 2005, so the next gigs will probably be in 2006” Molko explained) an upcoming new singles collection features two new songs, ‘I Do’ and ‘20 Years’, recorded by ‘Pure Morning’ producer Phil Vynall, to keep fans happy during the wait.

“‘20 Years’ is classic Placebo melancholy, it’s quite epic, all about the passing of time,” Molko says, “And ‘I Do’ is our first unashamed happy love song I s’pose. And it’s got no guitar on it, which we’re really happy about.  It’s a song that sounds like it’s under Prozac, its like ‘Medication time boys!' It’s so deliriously happy that it can’t be natural.”

“We’re an albums band so we’ve never really gone into the studio specifically to write singles before so we were really confused by that. We didn’t know how to write a single. So we went in with ideas that weren’t even started and threw shit at the wall and saw what stuck and we came out with two things that we were really, really happy with”

Placebo have yet to decide upon a director for the new singles but, Molko revealed to Xfm about the particularly explicit promo that they’ve just finished.

“The most challenging thing we’ve done recently was for a French only release for a song called ‘Protect Me’ which was directed by a filmmaker called Gaspard Noe. He made a film called ‘Irreversible’, which was quite scandalous. And we can’t show it, because it is hard core porn…. But we love it. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of hardcore.”

For more information on the video, check out www.protege-moi.com

'Once More With Feeling: Singles, 1996-2004' will be released on October 18 on Virgin Records.