Kerrang! "Hanging with Brian Molko", Mar'04

What's a glamour-puss like you doing in a caff like this? 
Brian: Everybody needs a friendly, local greasy spoon where they know what you eat, where you can come to when you're hungover for a nice grease intake. They're for when you're just waking up after a very long night and you just need chips. 

What's your best hangover cure? 
Brian: The best cure is just to start drinking again. It's the only way. Hair of the dog, nothing else really works. A very spicey Bloody Mary, that rocks because it allows you to sweat a lot of the toxins out. 

When was your last really big night out? 
Brian: I was down in Cannes for the Midem, a french awards ceremony, and that was three days of champagne. We went to cheesy South of France clubs with really bad music and expensive champagne. It was great. 

Is there anything you've ever really wanted to do but never had the chance? 
Brian: I'd like to do some good cinema, but I'm not really getting any good offers. It's difficult when you've achieved a lot of your goals; you've got to create new ones. It takes a bit of time to set new dizzy heights for you to reach. 

What was Eddie Izzard like to work with in Velvet Goldmine? 
Brian: He was great. Eddie is the only person I know who dresses up when he relaxes. He'll be onstage in bellbottoms and a good blouse, and then go backstage and change into high heels, fishnets and a short skirt. It's quite perplexing. 

Do you throw house parties? 
Brian: Not since my 30th birthday, which was pretty amazing. There were about 200 people in my flat. We started off with a string section playing stuff like 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and 'Pinball Wizard', then we moved on to DJs. It went on till about six in the morning, then I packed my bags and fucked off to Venice.

What do you prefer: Pubs, Clubs or Cafes? 
Brian: Pubs. The only thing this caff is missing is a bar. Also you can't spend a whole afternoon in here or you'd come out smelling like the staff. I'd much rather smell of smoke than grease. 

How do you cope with the New York 'No Smoking' laws when you're there? 
Brian: It's very, very difficult. It's a really intrusive law. You just associate smoking with drinking, and it makes you not want to go out in New York. Last time I was there I tried to get some food at one o'clock in the morning and the only thing you could get was a slice of pizza, everything was closed. I was like "For fuck's sake, this is meant to be the city that never sleeps." The whole cleaning up process there may have made it a much safer place to be, but it's actually getting quite boring. It's a real shame. 

What would you do if the government brought in that law over here? 
Brian: I'd have to move to France, that would be it!