All Music "Brian Molko", Oct'04

I must point out that this this is not our Best of. It’s just a simple singles collection, and, if anyone had asked me wether we wanted to do it, I would say no. We haven’t decided the tracklist on the base of our wish or our favourite songs. We only followed a chronological order.

About the singles
We have never considered Placebo as a single-maker band. On the contrary we gave all our attention to the albums, to make them good from the beginning to the end.
About Nancy boy
I think that there are many songs that don’t represent anymore our music but I don’t disown them. If I have to choose a song that I wish I hadn’t written, that would be Nancy boy. Most of all, apart from the lyrics, I find it musically rude. The product of a twenty-two boys’ punk pop band that try to play with style without succeding in it. We gave ?????? playing it for a long time, it was like our Creep (Radiohead), we couldn’t find anymore in feeling with that song. Lately, during our latest tour, we started again to put it in the setlist. We know that it’s a very important song for our fans, they related to it. We couldn’t deny it to them.
About his favourite songs
There are many. Pure morning obviously which represented a very important change for us. Without you I’m nothing and Special needs too, I wouldn’t change them even after much time.
Pure morning was our first international hit, before it we were noone in America, and it was also the first song in which we introduced the electronic in our music. We hadn’t given importance to electronica before.
About the co-operation with Asia Argento
She asked me to do a song for the soundtrack of her movie “ingannevole ? il cuore sopra ogni cosa”. I accepted and it came out a very hard work because I recorded my vocals parts in london and she did them in rome, calling us by phone for hours in order to re-listen all. It was like making sex on the phone… frustrating.
So why you did you do it?
Because of the friendship with Asia and because of my esteem toward Jt. Leroy. I met him during the movie actions, he’s a genious, I think the best author of his generation.
Does your music and his works have something in common ?
Well, I’ve never talked about male prostitutes in my songs. But apart from this, I think we have something in common. I’d like to work with him.
Who else would you like to work with ?
P.j. Harvey, Josh Homme, David Bowie. With some people I’d like to, I’ve already worked, or I’m working right now: Jane Birkin, Timo Maas. As far as the others are concerned, I’ve worked with a producer I adore for the Protege-moi video.