2004 - 2005

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Times Of London > Wembley 2004 (in English)

Kerrang > Placebo (in English, Scans)

Europe 2 > Questions à Brian (in French)

Orkus > Im Dienste der Intensität (in German, Scans)

Rock One > Placebo/Colour Of Fire (in French, Scans)

Rolling Stone > Este Placebo es digital (in Spanish, Scans)

February 2004

Suicide Girls > Brian Molko of Placebo (in English)

March 2004

General News > Placebo Prefer Life on the Road (in English)

Triple J > Brian Molko (in English)

Kerrang! > Hanging with Brian Molko (in English, Scans)

Bionic-club > Steve Hong Kong (in English)

April 2004

The Daily Telegraph > On To The Next Stage (in English)

Q > Rider of the Month: Placebo (in English, Scans)

June 2004

Rockwave Festival > Brian Molko interview (in English)

Les Inrockuptibles > Placebo (in French, Scans)

August 2004

Ровесник > Placebo (in Russian, Scans)

hkclubbing.com > Placebo Interview (in English)

Rock Mag > Placebo, Principe Triple Actif (in French) >> in Russian

September 2004

LSI Online > Levi Tecofski (in English)

XFM.co.uk > Brian Molko (in English)

October 2004

The Sun > Review of 'Once More With Feeling' (in English, Scans)

The Mirror > Review of 'Once More With Feeling' (in English, Scans)

The Independent > Rock & Pop: Accept No Substitute (in English, Scans)

All Music > Brian Molko (in English)

Les Inrockuptibles > Introspection (in French) >> in Russian

Fasterlouder > A Conversation With Placebo's Stefan Olsdal (in English)

Rock Sound > Placebo (in English, Scans)

November 2004

Les Inrockuptibles > Concentré de Placebo (in French) >> in Russian

Sonica > Lo que no te mata, te fortalece (in Spanish, Scans)

Classic Rock > Once More With Feeling: Singles 1996-2004 (in English, Scans)

Time Out > Wembley (in English, Scans)

December 2004

Rock Sound > Wembley review (in English, Scans)

DVD Review > Review of 'Once More With Feeling' DVD (in English, Scans)

Report Music & Style > Placebo (Scans)


Salt Lake Tribune > Once More With Feeling (in English)

Outburn > Once More With Feeling (in English)

Les Inrockuptibles > Placebo (in Spanish, Scans)

January 2005

Classic Rock > The Life of Brian (in English)

February 2005

LSI Online > Sharon Bampton (in English)

Teraz Rock > Potwór Frankensteina (in Polish, Scans)

April 2005

Circulo > Placebo (in Spanish, Scans)

Kerrang > 50 sexiest stars (in English, Scans)

Switch > Placebo (in Spanish, Scans)

Rockaxis > Placebo (in Spanish, Scans)

June 2005

MusicOMH.com > Timo Maas (in English)

July 2005

Q > Mexican Rave (in English, Scans)

November 2005

Télémoustique > Placebo (in English)

December 2005

Rock Magazine > Brian Molko interview (in English)

Kerrang > Placebo put themselves under the microscope... (in English, Scans)