2000 - 2001

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Kerrang > Stefan Olsdal (in English, Scans)

La Mascara > Les goûts du groupe en 15 questions (in French) >> in Russian

Record > Placebo Effect (in English, Scans)

April 2000

Pulse > Get Out Your Claws (in English)

July 2000

Kerrang > Riot starting new LP (in English)

Sunday Times > Agenda Bender (in English)

Kerrang > The Lizard King (in English) >> in Russian

FUZZ > Интервью с Брайаном (in Russian, Scans)

September 2000

Select > Fitter, Happier, More Productive (in English, Scans)

Boyz > Threesome (in English)

davidbowie.com > Placebo interview (in English)

France Inter > C'est Lenoir (in French)

October 2000

Melody Maker > I'm The Anti Eminem (in English)

Rock Sound > Placebo - Cumming Of Age (in English)

Top 40 > Spiked And Ready (in English)

Kerrang > Up close and personal with Brian Molko (in English) >> in Russian

FHM > The Brian Molko Interview (in English)

DNMais > Without Cosmetics (in English)

Sunday Mail > Return of the Angry Angel (in English)

Rock Sound > Placebo versus Indochine (in French) >> in Russian

November 2000

Juice > The Man who fell to Earth (in English)

Billboard > Europe Takes Big Dose of Placebo (in English, Scans)

Evening Standard > Brixton (in English)

Guitare Part > Brian Molko (in French)

December 2000

Black Market Press > Return To Oz (in English)

Kerrang > Brian Molko - My year (in English)

Melody Maker > Interview with Brian (in English, Scans)

Big day out > Brian Molko (in English)

Les Inrockuptibles > Brian Molko et Xavier Delcour - Masculin féminin (in French) > in Russian

Generation X > Before Placebo - Bio Of Brian Molko (in English)


Vox Online > Interview with Brian & Steve (in English)

The Sentimentalist > Placebo (in English)

Rol.ru > Интервью с Брайаном (in Russian)

Silver Rocket > The story behind San Remo 2001 (in English)

Башня > Placebo (in Russian, Scans)

FUZZ > Концерт в Зеленом Театре (in Russian, Scans)

Крестьянка > Placebo (in Russian, Scans)

The US Vault Online > The Religion of Glam (in English)

February 2001

Hip Online > Into the Black Market with Placebo (in English)

FUZZ > Вам и не снилось (in Russian, Scans)

France Inter > À Toute Allure (in French) >> in Russian

The Big Day Out > Placebo (in English, Scans)

March 2001

Kerrang > Hello My Lovelies! (in English, Scans) >> in Russian

Bass Magazine > Stefan Olsdal (in French, Scans)

April 2001

Toronto Sun > Placebo Not Hard To Swallow (in English)

Ottawa Sun > Easy Pill To Swallow (in English)

Eye Weekly > Pretty, not Vacant (in English)

NY Rock > Interview with Brian (in English)

Montrealmirror.com > Molko gets the sharp end of the pencil (in English)

Les Inrockuptibles > Placebo enflamme le Printemps de Bourges (in French)

Ровесник > Эффект плацебо (in Russian, Scans)

May 2001

LA Weekly > Happy Pills (in English)

VirginMega > Being Loyal Only To The Pleasure Zone (in English)

Telegram > Placebo Sticks with the Outcasts (in English)

Morning Call > Placebo Brings Emotion to Market (in English)

Virgin Mega > Hollywood CA (in English)

Rolling Stone > Pure Brian Molko (in English)

Out > Placebo's effect (in English, Scans)

June 2001

Alternative Press > Black Market Music (in English)

zvuki.ru > Spacebo (in Russian)

Machina > Placebo (in Polish, Scans)

July 2001

zvuki.ru > Black Market Music (in Russian)

CMJ New Music > The Devil and Mr. Molko (in English, Scans)

The Advocate > Out-of-control group (in English, Scans)

August 2001

Alternative Press > Saying Yes To Another Excess (in English)

The Daily Telegraph > Russia's cup of tea (in English)

Ровесник > Культ Placebo (in Russian, Scans)

September 2001

Guitar Player > Brian Molko's Glam-Bam Guitars (in English)

NME > Лекарство от дури (in Russian, Scans)

November/December 2001

Les Inrockuptibles > à Cure ouvert (in French, Scans) >> in English >> in Russian

2001-2002 (winter)

Outburn > Black Market Music (in English)