1998 - 1999

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Independent > Gig (in English)

Newsday > Without You I'm Nothing (in English)

Air & Style > Placebo biography (in English)

Scene > Placebo (in English, Scans)

Melody Maker > Brian Molko's World Of Showbiz (in English, Scans)

March 1998

The Daily Telegraph > Without You I'm Nothing (in English)

June 1998

July 1998

The Daily Telegraph > The Arts: Sex gods for every possible taste... (in English)

dotmusic.com > The Original Nancy Boys (in English)

August 1998

NME > No More Charlie Angels (in English, Scans)

Interview > Conversation With Sally Stratton (in English)

September 1998

Antidote > Thérapie de groupe (in French) >> in Russian

Discover > Interview: Placebo (in German)

October 1998

Select > I Thought I Was Good At Handling Pussy (in English, Scans)

Guitar Magazine > Sonic Youths (in English)

The Guardian > Jagged Little Pill (in English)

Billboard > Placebo Having An Effect On The U.S. (in English, Scans)

Melody Maker > Ready, Steady, Spook (in English)

Sunday Times > "Oh, The Glam Of It All" (in English)

Melody Maker > Velvet Goldmine (in English, Scans)

Les Inrockuptibles > Placebo - Post coitum, animal mélancolique (in French, Scans) > in Russian

Magic > Placebo (in French, Scans)

NME > Flaccid House (in English, Scans)

Zillo > Das Leben als Popstar (in German, Scans)

November 1998

JAM! Music > Bares All With Sophomore Effort (in English)

The Los Angeles Times > Without You I'm Nothing (in English)

Rolling Stone > Nancy Boy (in English)

Spin > Velvet Goldmine (in English, Scans)

December 1998

Spin Magazine > Crush With Eyeliner (in English, Scans)

Gay Times > The Rise and Rise Of Brian Molko (in English)

Alternative Press > A Place Of Their Own (in English, Scans)

Ray Gun > The Bitterest Pill (in English, Scans)

NME > Missive Attack (in English)

The Advocate > The Placebo Effect (in English, Scans)

The Atlanta Journal > Without You I'm Nothing (in English)

Les Inrockuptibles > Private Brian - Brian Molko (in French)

The Duquesne Duke > Glam rock revival (in English, Scans)


SUB > Interview with Brian Molko (in Korean & English, Scans)

V99 > Placebo (in English, Scans)

Ровесник > Яркая пустота в зеркалах многозначности (in Russian, Scans)

January 1999

Chart > All The Young Dudes (in English)

Billboard > The Modern Age (in English, Scans)

NME > Rocky Mountain Horror Show (in English)

Metro Music > The big interview (in English)

Los Angeles Times > Redefining the Term 'Crossover Hit' (in English)

The Sun > "We're No Angels" (in English)

NY Rock > Interview with Placebo (in English)

Melody Maker > Readers' poll (in English, Scans)

February 1999

Access Magazine > New Radicals (in English)

Planet Sound > Interview with Stefan (in English)

db > Placebo's Nothing (in English)

Antidote > Même endroit, même heure (in French) >> in Russian

Evening Standard > Mackenzie Crook feature (in English)

March 1999

Q > Big In America (in English, Scans)

Recovery Magazine > Placebo (in English)

Guitar Player > Ear Candy (in English, Scans)

LAM > 21st Century Poised (in English)

Real Detroit Weekly > What Is Placebo? (in English)

The Mirror > Frock Rock (in English)

Cincinnati Citybeat > Stardusted (in English)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch > Placebo Disputes Its Reputation... (in English)

Chat hosted by David Bowie > Placebo & David Bowie (in English)

Select > Stefan Olsdal featuring Brian Molko (in English, Scans)

Billboard > Placebo Effect (in English, Scans)

Brum > W każdym z was jest wariat (in Polish, Scans)

April 1999

Massive Magazine > Inspiring Ill Will (in English)

Melody Maker > Brian Interview (in English)

Hit Music > Outside The Line (in English)

Waikato Times > Placebo - Masters of melancholy melody (in English)

May 1999

Circus > Glam-Grunge With Blue Mascara (in English, Scans)

Rolling Stone > Swallow This! It's Placebo! (in English)

The Drum Media > Glam Model Rock (in English)

Hip Online > Stefan Olsdal Interview (in English)

Tylko Rock > Placebo (in Polish, Scans)

XL > Konstanty Briana Molko (in Polish, Scans)

July 1999

Vima Newspaper > Interview with Stefan Olsdal (in English)

Beat Magazine > Placebo (in English)

19 > Rock 'n' Kohl (in English) >> in Russian

The Sun Herald > Q and A With Brian Molko (in English)

Rock Sound > The Life Of Brian (in English)

August 1999

Juice Magazine > Something For The Masses (in English)

Alternative Press > Never take guitar lessons (in English)

Rip it up > Steve Hewitt interview (in English)

Melody Maker > Pure cloning (in English, Scans)

September 1999

Machina > Ziggy Stardust i synowie (in Polish, Scans)

November 1999

Rolling Stone > Placebo's Wicked Ways (in English)

Melody Maker > We're Falling Apart At The Seams (in English, Scans)