Stefan's tour diary, 2001

From The Brick Shithouse, The Official Placebo website.

After 2 weeks off recovering from the European tour we start the new year going east. I promised Leigh I’d try to keep a diary and let you in on our ride straight from the horses mouth.
I will be your captain this time. We’ll see how long it lasts!

Friday - 12th Jan

We fly Virgin which is by far the best long distance airline with the best entertainment and coolest staff (this will prove to be a blessing ). It’s a 12 hour flight so me and Brian take sleepers; only to realise that mixed with alcohol sends you straight off the rails.

After ranting at each other for about two hours (can’t remember a thing we talked about) Bri decides to have a fag. He sparks up in the loo with his head down the bowl blowing smoke. Two attendants parked around the corner, and the smoke is smelled by The Egg 20 rows away. Bri comes back after having talked himself out of being arrested, (gift of the gab), and we proceed to listen to Serge Gainsbourg for possible tracks to cover.

As we land we swear to each other never to do this combination ever again- Evil stuff. Steve looked at us during the flight as a couple of dickheads, ignored us and resorted to his Chardonnay and the Times!. If we’d been on a different airline (BA for sure) we’d have been arrested for disorderly conduct and banned for life. Close call and we haven’t even been on tour for more than a couple of hours! Start as you mean to continue.

We land Saturday, customs a surprising breeze. Jason Arnopp and Pat Pope from Kerrang who’d been on the same flight and been subjected to our rantings were surprised to see us still standing. It’s freezing, colder than England. Steve who quit smoking on New Year’s, is dying for something herbal and sparks up a Marlboro light. Flicking the butt on the street he’s asked to pick it up and put it in an ashtray- welcome to Japan!

A couple of fans await in the lobby. We each get a carton of Marlboro lights so Bri’s sorted for the whole tour .Spend rest of the day recovering and sleeping.
Me and Bill roam the streets in search for a cash point which turns out to be virtually impossible, and what’s weirder is that the streets are empty and it’s Saturday!? We pay 5 quid each to go in an elevator which takes us up the Tokyo tower. We both suffer from vertigo and in our jetlagged fragile states realise that maybe it wasn’t the best idea, but it’s worth it although the skyline is not that impressive or memorable. There’s a really dodgy rock wax museum at the base with hideous and scary looking models of Tony Iommi, James Hetfield, and Peter Frampton(?). Elvin Wong- wrong!
The cab back has automatic opening doors and the driver wears white gloves. Hygiene is a big issue here. People wear Michael Jackson type masks in the streets and they’re not for pollution but worn by people with colds who don’t want to be contagious. Serious respect for fellow citizens!
The toilet in my room has an inbuilt bidet spray, It scares me, could be colonic irrigation strength. None of us try it.
After a snooze, feeling adventurous we take Jason and Pat to an Italian followed by a couple of pints in an English pub! Pathetic. We tried a couple of Karaoke bars but they were either empty or closed- again very strange for a Saturday. It’s probably the January lull.

We’re in Akasaka and the streets are lined with prostitutes; we decline and resort for a nightcap in our press officers room. Jason completes my idea of a stereotyped Kerrang journo by showing off his knowledge of the porn actors on pay tv while sipping a JD’n coke and smoking a Hamlet cigar. It’s a good vibe and we crash at around 4 am.

Sunday - 14th Jan

There are no weekends in rock n' roll, so we proceed to the Virgin offices to do 10 hours of promo. Everything takes longer as an interpreter is needed but we've done this before and we recognise some faces from the two times we've been here before. Makes things a bit easier. Radiohead are on a lot of covers, Placebo are a lot on the insides. Over lunch @ Tony Roma's we talk about W(Bush)- scary Texan ignoramus and the Appleton Sisters (starfuckers) before being dragged off for more Perry Como. The last interview starts with that question "How did you guys meet?" and we just crack up in disbelief before Steve puts the interviewer straight- "We got together at a Sumo tournament years back". We've all been on a protein diet since. The Sumo season is in full swing, but as per usual there is no time for such entertainment. Must remember to schedule one in for next time. 
Knackered we snooze for an hour, Bri does photo for Kerrang as a Geisha- looks the part. I'll bet you it'll be the cover. 
Couple of beers in the Hotel bar. Pat pope gets Steve started on Embrace, Pat agrees with Steve that Embrace are shite cause he likes to keep his teeth. Phil Collins Greatest Hits are playing and Brian tells waitress very kindly to change music as it is making us nauseus. She obeys. Good moods all around. Doesn't feel like we're going to play a gig tomorrow, we haven't played for over a month.

Monday - 15th Jan

All of us wake up at 6 30. Jetlag will prove to be a real pain in the ass.
Photoshoot outside a Shinto temple with Pat Pope. A group of geisha girls posing end up in some of the shots; even if we tried to plan this, it wouldn't have turned out as "Japanese" as this. We all ask for personal prints of this as it seems to capture something special. This temple also served as inspiration for the cover of Slave to the Wage (we came here last time), because the number three is very important in this religion and if you look closely you can see three oriental coins with holes in them on CD 1!
Kerrang interview over lunch which turns out to be the most expensive meal anyone of us has ever experienced, promo cost for Virgin; they've got the Benjamins , we'll spend them ;)
Japan is very pricey (7 quid for a pint) but 100 quid for a meat dish is fucking ridiculous, but we indulge and it's amazing! The food just melts in your mouth, awesome. Filmed for posterity.
We leave for venue-On Air East, holds 1000, reminds me of The Botanique in Brussels, shabby backstage. We run through the whole set at sound check as we haven't played in a while and it all feels good. Playing the songs now feels like the taste of the first beer on a long night out. Crisp, satisfying and fresh, playing them like we're listening to the CD itself. Arretez le temps, c'est le temp pour un Stella! Bad draft on stage, feel a cold coming on. 
It's 6 o'clock and we're on in an hour; too early for a gig but people have beds to go to as they start working at the break of dawn!? Not really optimum rock time, but that's the only explanation given. The usual what to wear ensues, Bri goes for his Brixton outfit, me and Steve and Bill go for black in varying shapes and sizes. My favorite silver coat gets a Japanese premier too. The room is tiny and we're continually getting on top of each other, confusing each others drinks (is that vodka coke or vodka diet coke?) -no Red Bull in Japan. We're interrupted by promoters and crew coming in for drinks, fighting off that jetlag energy draining tiredness, and trying to get in gear for the first gig of the millenium. Not the easiest of conditions which is proven halfway through Blackeyed, the first song of the set; Bri loses his voice. SHIT. The jetlag, cold temperature, lack of sleep, too much promo and not rehearsing will fuck things up. We cut 8 tracks and pull it off with difficulty. The crowd are into it, but coupled with the culture shock (utter silence between songs) it feels like we've been dropped into arctic temperature waters and asked to do a synchronized swimming set. We curse the situation, hit the booze and eventually calm down over dinner with the record company. They're a good bunch. Exhausted to bed at midnite.

Tuesday - 16th Jan

We take the bullet train to Osaka which is the fastest train I've been on. Smooth as silk. We pass mount Fuji. Bri's on the green tea and antiseptic throat spray. Steve's rubbing his sore tendons. I'm massaging my hands. We're back on tour. We scrutinize the Australian promo schedule, don't want what happened yesterday happen there. The houses we pass are all miniature, definitely not designed for tall vulcans. 
The offline of the Special K vid has been fedexed over from the UK. With serious anticipation we check it out. We always want our new vid to be the best and we all felt it this time. No "there's not enough of the band" there's not enough plot coming through" "it moves a bit clumsily". Not that we have ever been seriously disappointed by our vids (maybe Every You wasn't the most artistically challenging), but we all seriously think we've moved up a league with this one. It's a two-hour film condensed into 3 and a half minutes, not missing a scene. Howard Greenhalgh' s got a pervy little twist to his stuff (check out the cum shot in Nancy Boy- "coming over me", dripping milk in Bruise Pristine, chick with knickers down in Slave) and that suits us just fine. Check out shots on location taken by Leigh.
We get to Club Quattro and the crew is sprawled everywhere asleep, poor sods. Everyone's feeling it. Loads of graffiti; Steve plays toilet tennis by reading "look right" on one side and "look left" on the other. Better gig, still that silence, Bri gets them all to scream in unison, they do. Steve's all juicy tonight and gets real funky, especially Scared and Bionic- lovely! See familiar faces from Tokyo, devoted green boy is in front of me with a Swedish flag and a Burger Queen crown. 
Absolutely shattered after gig, in up mood we're taken to Korean BBQ where you grill your own meat. This trip turns out to be a bit of a meat fest. Maybe time to take up that protein diet? Not.

Wednesday - 17th Jan

Fans wave us goodbye, showered in presents, some really wearable tops for Bri, lucky bastard. Pay airport tax to leave the country; there's a tax for everything here, even eating. Wrong. 
12 hours flight, drug free, but Steve's woken up by a drunken dickhead who sings along to his walkman, out of tune. Not advisable around a tired Stevie B, who comes seriously close to decking the cunt. 
My bass tech gets sniffed out at customs and gets the works. Latex gloves n' all over a coin with something on it (mystery to us). Bad time to go through as many rockers are converging here for the Big Day Out. Some guy out of Black-Eyed Peas got sent back to the US as he got caught with some weed. He'd obviously not done his research as the weed is killer in NZ (apparently HA!). 
Rock'roll hotel with Rammstein and PJ Harvey. Washing machines and cooker in every room, very handy. Feeling kind of zonked after the trip (it's now Thursday) we have dinner with Virgin who are really chilled here and we're presented with Platinum discs for WYIN. The first platinum for us and we're chuffed as we'd come back here in a flick of a wrist. A night cap with Rob Ellis (drummer with PJ who wrote strings for Black Market Blood). They've been here for a while cause they needed some rehearsals. Someone recognizes me and asks me what I'm going to do when we're not happening anymore. I tell him to mind his own business. Me and Bri go to bed as we're knackered while Steve embarks on a drinking session which sees him and Rob engaging in an ass biting session. Drummers are all barking.

Friday - 19th Jan

Makeup with camp Robert. Bit of a ride to the Ericsson Stadium for first show day. Pretty good vibe, having a bit of an exhausting nervous time as I've just decided to have an AIDS test. Speak to my manager and she's says I'll be fine but I need to do it as it's been on my mind for a while. Fucking horrible thoughts go through my head. Try to stay focused. Bit of promo, get asked about the Fred Durst incident again (New York 98). Their camp is very separated from everyone else's, it's silly. 
Have a signing session hug a couple of competion winners. Meet Chris from Coldplay who's a fan(!) and he's a nice guy. Get the priviledge of watching PJ Harvey before we go on, although a festival is probably not the best way to see her, or any other band for that matter. We get psyched and have a good first gig. It's always a bit difficult to get adjusted to a big stage, the daylight, the people out there who don't like you, but we're pleased with it. Mick Harvey from the Bad Seeds joins us for some roast beef.
Have a night out where Morgan (our merch guy extraordinaire) at 6:30 in the morning takes over behind the bar and delivers some quality drinks. Amazing considering his condition. Hardcore! Meet some very cool people, some of Steve's mates and connect. Feels real. Check out the Sky Tower from Steve's window. It looks very much like a syringe, and the sky is a dark blue like I've never seen before; very deep. Bed at 9.

Saturday - 20th Jan

Bit of a recovery day. Travel to Brisbane, have Rammstein sitting next to us on the plane, turns out to be the beginning of a friendship, didn't think that yesterday seeing them walk on stage caked in white mud! It's a funny old game. Tropical heat hits us. 
We drive from Brisbane airport to Surfers Paradise which is a tacky Florida like stretch of high rises and miles of beautiful beach. Kind of alien setting for a festival. Cool hotel again with a salt water pool with tropical fish and a waterfall. Don't get the wrong idea; this trip will prove to be exceptionally like a holiday in many ways, but believe me, these tours are few and far between. Bri, Steve, their techs and Morgan make a night out of it and Live It Large. I won't go into detail but strippers were involved. Good on them, this is crazy Oz after all. I'm knackered and I'm asleep by 10!

Sunday - 21st Jan

Do an early morning breakfast in the scorching heat and check out the beach. There's something about the sea that is definitely revitalizing (Oxygen perhaps), do some body surfing and get dragged under, I get slammed down and hurt my shoulder. Great. The 200 Oz bucks I had in my pocket get swept away too. Something for the fish to go out and get pissed on. 
It had rained yesterday so the festival site is a steaming and stinking. We meet At the Drive-In and complement them on their excellent album Relationship of Command. They seem like cool people. We see Bez from the Happy Mondays hanging out with his kid and he tells us about their forced stop over in Bahrain due to their cockpit window cracking. They undoubtedly found something to amuse themselves with. See various JJJ DJ's (like Xfm in London) pottering about. It's one of them "he looks familiar Steve, who is he?" Steve sets me straight. I'm fucking terrible when it comes to people.

Festival Set:
Days Before You Came
36 Degrees
Passive Aggressive
Every You Every Me
Special K
Without You I'm Nothing
Slave to the Wage
Taste in Men
Nancy Boy
Pure Morning

Bri and Steve have a good gig, I couldn't catch the vibe today, maybe I was too sober. Have a chat with Killing Heidi, they invite us to their singer's 18(!)'s birthday in Melbourne. My mini digital video cassette with footage from the filming of Special K, Japan and New Zealand goes missing. Not Happy. Leave early (8 :30) and go back to hotel for a swim. We end up propping the bar up and this is where the Steve-fan-in-the-pond happens. Steve is definitely on something, one of his fully charged modes and you don't want to get in his way on a night like this, and this fan did and got chucked in the lobby pond. Water everywhere; we get out of hotel as security guards follow us to the hotel bar. 
Bri's knackered from last night and crashes. Me, Steve, Bill, Morgan and two of Steve's Aussie mates bump into Roni Size on our way to a Powderfinger aftershow quite spaced, punched eccie in. Drink their bar dry, get called Marcel by the guitarist from Powderfinger (confused by the French-Luxembourg connection!?) and talk to a fan and her slave who had made some Absynth for us. Bump into Till and Flake from Rammstein and go to a really tacky and aggressive Techno club, split after a drink, and go to an even dodgier rock club. The Damned are played followed by Sing It Back by Moloko WEIRD. When we leave it's getting light and we go to the beach to see the sun come up. The most beautiful sunrise: clear and pure. We play some frisbee and I do some silly filming of Morgans stomach and my feet in water. Bed at 8 but can't sleep.

Monday - 22nd Jan

Me, Steve and Bill feel like death warmed up and moan all the way to Sydney. We invite PJ Harvey and her band to come on a Sydney harbour cruise organised by Virgin. They accept and we spend a beautiful evening seeing the sunset behind the Opera house. Fruit bats fly above us and we can see people walk the arch of the Sydney bridge. If I thought the tower in Tokyo was bad, that walk would definitely bring on my heart attack. I can hardly string a sentence together and go to bed. Bri's over the moon as he got a chance to properly talk to Polly and feels there is a connection. Maybe time to ask about a duet? He goes for dinner with Mick Harvey and some of the PJ crew. 
The hotel's in Coogee bay just by the beach and the temp is around 35 all week. Inevitable sunburns.

Tuesday - 23rd Jan

Promo all day. An MTV competition winner cracks us up as he's so obviously on amphetamines as he joins us on camera, Gurning, the lot, funny as fuck. Bill joins us for dinner and he's red as a lobster, seriously burnt, we laugh! That's what he gets for not doing promo. We eat some awesome fish. 
Go into Sydney center to the Metro where we check out At the Drive-In. They seriously go for it. Inspiring and visually stunning as Omar and Cedric have some seriously funky gymnastic moves. I want their choreographer!! They only have the stage light on and it looks like they've gone for 'it's only about the music' vibe, but we find out later that it would be too hot to have the full light show. Slap Bill on the back and watch him scream. Go back to Coogee for a couple of VB's.

Wednesday - 24th Jan

Go for AIDS test. Definitely the most difficult thing I've gone through. The doctor doesn't council me in any way. No "do you know the consequences this could have?" "what makes you want to take this test?" " how do you feel about it?", just that it's valid from three months back and anything that happened before then. Pissed off. Spend rest of day a bit lost, send some emails, write some tour diary. Steve bodysurfs and sleeps on beach. Bri tans. 
Dinner with Steve and Bill, end up in dodgy, backpacker club, leave pronto. Go back to my room and shave my head.

Thursday - 25th Jan

Go to Enmore theatre for soundcheck. Absolutely boiling in here, two nights ago PJ did a show here and she collapsed of heat exhaustion. Not a good sign, Air conditioning is shit. Play a bit of new stuff. Rushed off for instore signing, get mobbed from behind(!) One fan had a tan. Sign blow-up dolls, whip a couple, sign copies of Special K which came out here on Monday . Half of them want to marry Brian, but he's already got his two husbands next to him. This is not Salt Lake City. Blag a couple of CD's, the best one being Gonzales über Alles. 
Back to the Enmore and hang, the whole Virgin Oz staff is there which is a bit suspicious, but then there's that silence and they all look at each other and we know what's coming next. Platinum discs, backslapping and posing for shots. They used a photo from this album behind a WYIM disc, hmmm. They look cool and expensive. 
Support by local band Waikiki, three-piece, girl singer. We come on and do full Brixton set, sweat buckets and crowd dig. Steve's topless and me and Bri are sleeveless. We love it. Bump into some old friends backstage and go back to Coogee bay. 
A couple of drinks outdoors in the warm summer night. Keep getting hassled and asked by loads of Brits and Irish abroad "my mate's not sure but he thinks you're in that band Placebo", "You that bloke in of That band?" , " You're not in Placebo, are you?" gets to the tedious point. Specially after they come back three hours later and still can't believe, and ask the same questions. We just walk. 
Spark up on the beach and watch Bri and a mate chasing each other in and out of the water. He's gonna spend the rest of the tour trying to get all that sand out of his hair! Out of My Hair where are they now? Back to mine for a nightcap, listen to Mouse on Mars. Concierge knocks on the door; complaints from down the hall. Turn down and later turn in.

Friday - 26th Jan

Big Day Out day. Scorchio! At least 39 degrees in the shade, dehydrated before we even get to the Showground. Taste in Men is playing on radio JJJ as we get out of van, something that we could get off on and do!. The Limp Bizkits are stationed as far away from everyone as is humanly possible, brick shithouses guarding their Chocolate Starfish entrance. 
Eat some chicken satay and go and watch Queens of the Stone-Age. They DO rock. Get a bit nervous which is a good thing today. See PJ put on an excellent show( best crowd yet), but apparently they had a bad one on stage. Funny that. Have our best festival gig yet, love every minute of it. 60 000 people dig as the sun goes down, such a good one to feel the best. 
Have a bit of a rock n' roll dinner with PJ, At the Drive-In, and Chris from Coldplay. ATDI cut their set short as they said people were getting hurt. I think all the crowd were doing was getting down and moshing, that's the kind of thing you would do to their music. But the band don't approve of that and said they'd stop if it continued, and it did. If people mosh at our gigs I take it as a sign of you getting into it and we definitely approve as long as you're not hurting anyone on purpose and showing some respect for the people you're on top of. I guess there's a fine line. I was talking to some of our fans who had been standing in the front row and some of their bruises were quite nasty. Be careful kids!!
During the Limp Bizkit set the crushing got quite bad and an 15 year old girl was taken to hospital with cardiac arrest. The Limps pull out of the tour saying their barrier and security needs hadn't been met. No one complains about their departure, the girl dies a couple of days later. Only 15.
The Party is held at the Q Bar on Oxford Street, free drinks and it gets large. The coolest dance floor with 15 different sized mirrorballs rotating in opposite directions with different coloured lights reflecting, cheesy but it works. Meet Kimberly Cooper, actress from Home and Away who's a big fan, apparently she's the token bitch, cool. Catch Steve doing slammers with Josh from Queens of the Stone-Age. Munchies at 7 am, try the Aussie Burger at Hungry Jacks (Burger King with a different name) very tasty with bacon, beetroot, and egg. Not enough so I have a Double cheeseburger and cab it back to the hotel, knowing full well how shit I'm going to feel today. Never live and learn.

Saturday - 27th Jan

Painful flight, really bad turbulence. Instore signing at Gaslight. About 600 people, could hardly recognize my autograph at the end. Chill for rest of day, fall asleep at 7. Steve goes and sees ATDI gets slaughtered and doesn't remember how he got to bed. 

Sunday - 28th Jan

Big Day Out, Steve still pissed from last night. Web chat at site. Have a weird gig, didn't lock. Jennifer, author of Black Market Press (Oz fanzine) front row. Good little paper, check it out. 
Back to hotel, hotel bar filled with festival people getting hammered. Chill in my room for a while, see program on Pink Parents. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having two moms or two dads or a gay dad and a gay mum, nothing really new here but it planted a seed. You don't need a license to have kids, just look at the ones being neglected or beaten. 
Proceed to Honky-Tonk for debauched post festival/ Lilypad party. Lilypad (ex lighting guy) was responsible for all entertainment and parties throughout. A funny lunatic who kept his piss levels up. From this point onward the tour becomes one alcohol doused rockrag (it was from beginning really, let's say it steps up a gear ). Melbourne especially has a tendency to eat chomp away at your life units. Last time we left, Bri had to spend two days in hospital having his tonsils drained, this time shall prove to be similar. The vibe at the bar is wicked, Placebo are last to leave after having had a bop with ATDI, and Steve apologising for pissing off the drummer from Powderfinger a couple of nights ago. Hotel bar still in full swing at 8 in the morning. Excellent stuff. 

Monday - 29th Jan

Day off. Write some emails, put two under age fans on our guest list, take tram to St. Kilda to see some friends, Bri and Steve in their rooms. Going for a Jimmy Riddle in the bar, a cockroach crawls up through the urinal and nearly gives me a heart attack. See some Roni Size at the Metro, not really my thing. Night cap with Bri and Rob Ellis . Theyb(PJ) had just done a rooftop gig at RRR (local radio station) which was amazing apparently- people scaling walls to see it. Decide to do it next time.

Tuesday - 30th Jan

Bit of promo. Feels like band is regrouping after the storm's blown over. Beautiful day. Say good bye to ATDI as they've got commitments in England (TOTP-nice one!) sad to see them leave, decide to hang in London. Good sound check at Metro. Go for a swim and some sushi with Bill. Try to piece together the other night. Some of us really came out from ourselves that night. Get time for a little disconap. 
Have one of our top five shows of all time. Everything fell into place, we were in control, enjoyed every minute, the crowd were amazing, cheers guys!! 
Back to hotel bar, you can guess the rest. 

Wednesday - 31st Jan

Still drunk, get a phone call from the doctor saying I should come in because "we have something to discuss". Freak out, call the only other person I think is up at this hour and he says "whatever the result you'll be fine" what a twat. With my good fortune the doctor had good news, I walk around with a smile on my face for the rest of the day. The thought that would cross my mind every 5 minutes and cause my stomach to churn now gave me a high. Chuffed I go celebrate with a couple of pints. Sleep in the afternoon. See a bit of PJ at the Palais with Bri and The Egg. She's good. Bri makes a night of it, high on Australia. I turn in early, don't know where Steve is.

Thursday - 1st Feb

Get to Adelaide and you can cut the heat with a knife. We go to the beach, find a water slide, catch some rays and fall asleep in the sun. Talk to Bri about life- life is good. Time to breed? Steve goes go-karting. A little briefing dinner over some sushi with the Egg. Politics and business within our unit. A little switch of mindset. Stay away from the allure of the hotel bar. The one in Melbourne was legendary, not sure I want to make this one a contender, at least not tonight. 

Friday - 2nd Feb

Share a van with PJ and Rob, stay out of sun as much as we can. Till from Rammstein seems to want to be in our band today as he's planted in our little quarter for most of the day. Someone screams "naked bassplayer" and I take my film camera on stage for a bit of betty swollocks from Nick Queens. Put Bill in my black skirt (a squeeze for sure) and we put on a show that we're happy with. The Queens dismember a female mannequin and disappear for awhile. Film a bit of Rammstein on fire. 
Get back to hotel and drink the free bar dry, fight PJ for the same guy (he shall remain nameless, let it be known none of us went there). Spend rest of night with Josh from Queens sharing what we got, then go on to annoy Steve and Darren Emersson with some fans I found along the way. Feel good hit of the summer unfolds itself for me and I definitely feel better for it as Friday becomes Saturday and we're on a plane ("de plane boss") to Perth, the final destination of this beautiful thing. 

Saturday - 3rd Feb

Another instore, we feel worn out. I'm straight off to bed, Bri and Steve fly the flag. Steve hangs out with Darren E and watches his set, Bill gets on stage and shakes his boooooty. Bri comes by at 8 and he says I look like shit, I believe him. Bed. Wake up at 3 30 , watch telly, see Ash new vid. Tim looks good, what's up with Rick's hair?

Sunday - 4th Feb

Grand finale I guess and everyone is feeling like it's the last day of holidays. We share a van with bass player and singer from Roni Size. It's in the air- no-one wants to leave. What a brilliant couple of weeks, bands who are completely different hanging out. There's a love vibe. I nearly cry hugging the Egg. Get a shot of the Queens doing a Riverdance. Play some backstage badminton with Morgan. 
The sun goes down as we play, we're definitely lost in music. Brendan from the Queens comes on with bull's horns on his head and fucking does a Riverdance, I buttfuck him off stage. He loves it. Pure Morning goes out to them. 
Stay up all night, can't be arsed about all the changing of phone numbers, but we are gonna miss a lot of these people. Don't bother going to bed as we leave the hotel at 6 am. Pissed up flight to Singapore, Pissed up flight with ranting to Hong Kong. 6 hours drinking and piss taking in Hong Kong. Don't remember getting on flight to London, Bri and Steve put me in my seat as I sat down in the wrong one. Sleep all the way back in our reclining bed seats and dream of a perpetual Big Day Off.