Golden Ticket Winner - Dominic Meason - 25.11.2009

"It's a very rare occasion for anyone to have the opportunity to meet their favourite band and I was fortunate enough to be able to, after over a decade of listening to their music and buying every CD and DVD they've ever made, meet mine, PLACEBO. To start off with I found going to dinner and sitting down with the band to eat very surreal and daunting. But then we started talking and my nerves were eased. We chatted about the gig being a homecoming one for Stefan, the music industry and why I had chosen to come to a gig in Sweden. I also had a long chat with Fiona outside the dressing room about how she came to be in PLACEBO and she told me how much she was enjoying being on tour with the band and about the band's experience in Cambodia. Watching the band members prepare for the gig in the dressing room in their own different ways was interesting too, Brian and Stefan relaxing ready to burst onto the stage with Steve going through a mammoth exercise routine! I saw the set list before the gig and I knew it would be an amazing one; I wasn't disappointed. It was a completely new perspective watching the band from the side stage and I really enjoyed singing away right next to the band! I ended up on the balcony watching part of the gig too which also a different experience. Particular highlights for me being, Follow the Cops Back Home, Twenty Years, Special K and the Cambodian arrangement of Because I Want You. After the gig and the post gig soiree Steve invited us out for a few drinks in Stockholm with him and the support band Expatriate which was cool and Bill and Nick met up with us later in one of the bars. From the very beginning of the evening, the band, tour staff and Crew members were all very welcoming and really made me feel like one of the PLACEBO family. I had a weekend I will never forget in Stockholm and for that I must thank them all from the very bottom of my heart". 
Dominic Meason