Hello Placeboworld! - 14.07.2009

Hello Placeboworld! 

Now, if you've been in the crowd at any of our festival gigs so far you might have wondered 'who's that girl onstage?' so I thought I should introduce myself. The serious, sleevenote-reading fans among you will know that this is not my first involvement with Placebo because I wrote the string arrangements on the Meds album and also the Hotel Persona album. I joined the band in the studio in Toronto last summer to write the string arrangements for this new album, but the Angkor Wat concert in Cambodia was my first time performing live with Brian, Stef & Steve. It was a very special show in a beautiful environment and it was an honour to join the boys onstage. So, when they asked me to join them for the full tour this year the answer had to be YES!! And I'm absolutely loving it!! The festival crowds have been absolutely amazing so far, so thank you all for your support, I hope you enjoy the new record and I look forward to meeting some of you!