1st Golden Ticket Winner - Stefania Simonini - 07.09.2009

As you may have seen in Stefan's PLACEBO Summer 2009 Video Documentary, the first of the lucky 'Golden Ticket' winners got to claim their their prize recently!

Stefania Simonini from Italy, bought a copy of the Deluxe Box Set Edition of the new PLACEBO album 'Battle For The Sun' and inside found one of the 5 Golden Tickets! 

Stefania choose to meet PLACEBO, have dinner with the band and watch their performance from side stage at the Italian Love Wave Festival on the 16th July 2009. 

We asked her to let us know about her 'Golden' day with the band, and this is what she had to say:

"Meeting PLACEBO, was an experience which I define as the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me, it was so wonderful! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet the band that I have followed for over 6 years and I love so deeply.

At first I was very scared because I was afraid to disturb the band in any way, but to my great happiness placebo and all the members of the crew treated us with great kindness and understanding, so thank them deeply. I felt immediately at ease!

There are no words to describe the emotion I felt at meeting placebo for the first time. When I first saw them I even cried a little bit because I had dreamt of this moment so many times, that it didn’t seem true to me that they were so close!

Having dinner with PLACEBO was also fantastic, the guys were very friendly, and we talked a lot, then Brian asked me about what I wanted to do after I finished high school, then we spent almost all our time with them in the dressing room and we had photos with Brian, Stef and Steve! 

The concert was fantastic, I sang the songs with all my voice and I have never been so excited, in their songs I always find a bit of myself! PLACEBO are very important for me, and have accompanied me for a long time, in dark moments where I felt the need for comfort, I love placebo because of that. They are the only band that always know how I feel. 

Brian gives body and soul on that stage and his voice has accompanied me for a long time and will stay in my heart for all my life.

This was the most beautiful day in the world! thank you so much for this amazing prize!"