Meds - The meaning to each song - 05.04.2006

Its a statement of fact and what being alive today is all about.

This track is the first time Ive ever written, lyrically, a song backwards. I wrote the last line first and worked my way back.

Its the most old school sounding Placebo track on this album, pure pop punk which we do well.

Space Monkey
This track was a real journey of discovery and felt like it just dropped out of the sky one day.

Follow The Cops Back Home
We wondered what teenagers get up to in Iceland, which we visit regularly, as there is no police and barely any crime.

Post Blue
This was written when I was moving flats and at the time was listening to a lot of hip-hop in particular G-funk rhythms like Dr Dre.

Because I Want You
When I went into the studio I wanted to out do the Foo Fighters and write a great American rock song.

One of the tracks you write for all the ladies out there.

Pierrot The Clown
About seeing someone who you once had a relationship with and remembering why you were first attracted to them.

Broken Promise
Written completely whilst on the road and is about adultery. 

One Of A Kind
About feeling completely dislocated from the world and not feeling like a real person anymore.

In The Cold Light Of Morning
Very much inspired by Leonard Cohen and being on the streets early in the morning after a night out when everyone else is going to work.

Song To Say Goodbye
A way of making clear to myself the path not to take as a human being.