Asian tour & update on other artists - 23.08.2009

So, the Placebo Asian tour was crazy. I'm still in recovery. In eleven days we did eight flights (40 hours in the air) to play five gigs in four countries (well, four full gigs and one we started but couldn't finish after an exhausted Brian collapsed onstage. Apologies to the disappointed crowd at Summersonic Osaka!). We spent hours and hours in traffic jams in and out of Tokyo. We checked in and out of five hotels. We got scanned for swine flu at airports. We experienced hot sun in Taipei and Seoul, suffocating humidity and a cyclone in Hong Kong, and sun, rain and a typhoon on the day we flew home from Japan. I would have loved to have seen so much more of every city we visited, but I'll just have to go back another time. My favourite gig this time was Seoul because the hugely enthusiastic and supportive audience gave us so much energy we forgot all about the sickness, the tiredness and the jetlag. 

We got back to Europe in time to play festivals in Budapest and Brussels, now I'm looking forward to finishing off this epic festival season by playing Reading and Leeds for the first time in my career.

I'm currently amused by the fans who are spending their valuable spare time finding odd photos of me online and discussing whether or not, and if so, to what extent I can be called pretty, and moreover, addressing the crucial issue of whether I should smile onstage or not. Is this what really matters to you? Come on, dig a little deeper, think a little harder! Try 3D not 2D.

If you want to stimulate your auditory nerves instead of your extraocular muscles, while I've been on the road several albums have been released featuring the orchestral arrangements I worked on last year. In addition to Placebo's "Battle for the Sun", I collaborated with the fabulous Patrick Wolf on his album "The Bachelor" and am now working on some new songs with him

"Lights Out Zoltar!", the new album by Gemma Ray, will be released in September and I'm really happy with the way the orchestration sounds on that record - respect due to producer Michael J Sheehy and mixer Ben Thackeray!

I also wrote string & brass arrangements for the debut album by talented singer/songwriter Lucas Renney which is due out in October.

And you can hear me fiddling on Michael J Sheehy's inspired new solo album, "The Rise and Fall of Francis Delaney"

Anyway, I'd better stop all this talk of music and go and straighten my hair or something, right?