END OF TOUR - 07.11.2010

So the Placebo tour has finally drawn to a close after about 20 months of our lives in rehearsals and on the road. What an amazing journey. I have toured with bands for years but this was my first 'world tour' and they don't get much bigger than this one. Thank you to everyone that came to see the gigs, thank you to those that came to see several shows in different countries, thank you to everyone who gave me gifts/flowers/messages, sorry to everyone who had tickets to cancelled shows, thank you to the pilots who flew us safely to our destinations and of course to our management, tour managers, crew & drivers for taking care of us the whole time. 

I loved visiting all the incredible cities I had never seen before but want to return to (in no particular order: Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev, Mexico City, Tokyo, Melbourne, Bologna, Lisbon, Carcassonne, Buenos Aires, Lima, Taipei, Bangsaray, Bucharest.. ) as well as returning to some of my favourite places in the world (Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona, Budapest, Prague, Bangkok, Sydney). I am amazed by the dedication of the Placebo fans and am flattered that they took me to heart! It was a shame we couldn't complete those last few dates but it was fitting that our last gigs were at Brixton Academy. We came home.

Outside Brixton Academy 28th September 2010

I learned many random things about myself during this trip, mostly that music is a powerful universal language and I am unswervingly committed to it as a vocation, that I have largely overcome my fear of flying, that I don't like performing with a hangover (oh wait, I knew that already..), that anxiety is a useless state of mind, that the people I travel with are some of the most wonderful and entertaining people I know, that I want to improve my language skills so I can communicate with more people. But more importantly, I have learned a lot about others. The more I travel around this world of ours, the more I understand that people all over the globe are fundamentally exactly the same. We live, we love, we multiply, we suffer pain and loss, we share laughter and tears, happiness and illness, are equally capable of profound thought and incredible stupidity, and are missed when we die. Subsequently the less I understand or am willing to tolerate nationalism, racism, religious fervour & fanaticism, gender discrimination and everything else that divides us locally and internationally. This is not news, but I feel there are only two choices in life: love or hate. I choose love. What about you?

Now I am home and autumn is encroaching, the leaves are crunchy underfoot, the afternoons are dark and knitwear is essential :) I went to Texas to relax for a couple of weeks then returned with my friends Midlake and have just spent a week on the road with them. They are on their last stretch of their year-long tour and still working very hard on absolutely no sleep! Their gigs at the Roundhouse (London) and La Cigale (Paris) last week were magical. 

Midlake after their show at la Cigale, and 7 years since they first played in Paris, next door at La Boule Noire.

Of course I am trying to take a break but am never far from the violin and will be doing a few guest spots and arrangements with other artists. I hope to be performing with the wonderful John Grant at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 11th Nov and with Lucas Renney on 16, 17, 23 Nov (see their websites for details). I wrote the string arrangements for both artists' current records and am happy to be able to play for them once in a while. I have just seen the artwork for the long-awaited The Separate album and am encouraged that it will be released soon, and I am looking forward to Patrick Wolf's new album coming out in the next couple of months (I haven't heard the strings, brass, woodwind & choir arrangements since we recorded them at Air studios, and can't wait to hear the finished record!). 

Of course I am in touch with my Placebo bandmates and we'll see what the future holds - I hope to be involved! Meanwhile, we're getting back to normal life, whatever that means, and spending much-needed time with our loved ones.

So, enjoy the rest of 2010, stay in touch, keep listening :)

F x

Autumn leaves, Paris 3/11/10