Midlake, Pepys & Facebook - 01.02.2010

So the new Midlake album "The Courage of Others" is released in the UK today on the wonderful Bella Union Label .. it is full of beautifully crafted, brooding, dark & powerful songs. Let them sink in under the skin.. and enjoy it. I play a few notes in there :)
They played at Wiltons Music Hall, London last night & it was magical. And they have cool merchandise.

And if you have a literary bent, follow Benjamin Till's blog "Pepys Motet: A British composer's ambitious quest to create a forty-part motet based on the diary of Samuel Pepys, to celebrate the 350th anniversary of Pepys' first entry in his astonishing work of literature". http://pepysmotet.blogspot.com/

This blog is as much about my friend Benjamin as it is about Pepys, but if you are trying to get a creative project off the ground you'll appreciate his struggles, his frustration & his humour. I feature in it occasionally, eg. "Missing Cat"

Facebook. Really...what's the point? Someone has created a page in my name and it looks as if I'm actually answering people's questions but IT ISN'T ME, right? I don't even have a facebook account. Focus on your own identity. That's a life's work in itself.

This IS me, of course. But do you believe me? How would you know? ;)

F x