Violins - 04.04.2011

Several people have asked me questions about my violins so here's what you need to know..

I have two 4-string electric violins (one white, one silver) custom-made by Starfish Designs in Scotland, UK. They are carved out of wood then painted. Because they are skeletal they are light and easy to play, they feel just like an acoustic violin. I love them!

I also use a few 'toys' onstage, just guitar pedals (delay, distortion etc). Nothing extraordinary. On the road I always carry my acoustic violin as hand luggage so I can practise in the hotel and backstage. Violin is a tough instrument and you have to keep practising otherwise you lose your skills fast. It's a love/hate thing sometimes. Playing three octave scales in a hotel room is dull but if you're about to play on a festival stage in front of 80,000 ticket-buying people and it is being broadcast live on TV you'd better make sure you're as good as you can be :)