Eddie talks drums

Eddie was in various bands, including The Holloways, before a friend introduced him to Steve, who was putting together Planes.

"Straight away, before we’d even had our first jam, we were talking the same language and we were getting on like a house on fire. He’d already met Ted and Charlotte, they’d already made the first EP together, and then we met up for a jam and it all went great. I’d met Dan the year before, working with a guy called Sam McCarthy, and I said, you’ve got to try out my friend, Handsome Dan, he’s great. So we tried him out and then Planes was born."

Not many bands have two drummers, even if one of them has switched roles, so is it an issue?

"Well the opposite actually, because I thought it might be a problem, but the second we started playing together, it turned out that we grew up with the same musical background, we already spoke the same sort of language when it came to playing drums.

So he’d play something and I’d play along and he’d go, well yeah that’s what I had in mind. And I think if we had different backgrounds and if we didn’t gel so well then it would be a bit more of a problem. He sometimes comes up with ideas but we normally are thinking the same thoughts so no, we’ve never had a problem."

Eddie pays tribute to the other band members for spurring him on.

"I’ve had to learn a lot and change a lot, kind of expand, because before Planes I was a fairly two-dimensional rock drummer, kind of pretty beefy powerhouse. Working with Ted and Charlotte, these incredibly trained, classically trained musicians who have such massive knowledge and such a wide range, to complement the kind of stuff that they would do, I’ve had to rethink a lot of my playing style and learn a lot of new things, so my horizons have broadened.

I’m still always going to be a rock drummer, I think that’s always what I’m going to be fundamentally, but they’ve taught me delicacy and dynamic and ways to feel the groove that I wouldn’t have found out without playing with them. And I’ve obviously learned a lot from Steve, he’s got a lot of knowledge to pass on as far as playing drums goes."

Eddie talks passionately about his kit - it’s with him for life!

"This is my Shine kit. It’s my best friend, oh that sounds a bit sad. I’ve had it for seven years, I think, so it’s done a lot of mileage. It still sounds incredible. We’re going on tour in two days so I’m giving it a full top to bottom MOT, make sure it’s ready to go, new set of heads. I love it to bits, I’m never going to sell this kit, I’m going to pass it on to my youngster one day. But I think it’s time, I need a new one."

"I love it to bits, big beefy rock kit, warm sound"

Shine Custom Drumset
Made by Shine Custom Drums

"What I like about this kit, it’s a big, beefy rock kit, it’s 100% maple, it’s a really warm sound, really big thick heavy drums. It was one of my first big kits when I was a teenager and kind of growing up with it, it’s been the kit that I’ve learned my trade on. I love it because it’s one of the foundations of what I’ve become today, sort of thing."

He’s just as excited about his brass snare from DW

"It’s beautiful, it caters for everything"

DW Collector’s Series Brass Snare 14 X 5.5
Made by DW
Brass is great for live and recording too, and this snare is rolled from a heavy-gauge brass alloy, giving a heavier shell than most beaded-style brass snares. It has a distinctive brass sound, with extra body and fatness at low mid range frequencies and is designed for a great high end crack. It comes in a polished brass finish as well as a new brass knurled finish, and there are five colours of hardware available.

"At the moment I’ve got a DW Collector’s Brass Snare and it’s just ridiculous, it’s a beautiful instrument. It’s beautiful because it caters for everything. When it’s on stage you can get these big really beefy sounds that you don’t have to compromise the attack that you get, and you can still, if something drops and you need to move around or something, you can still play with it really gently and it’s just as responsive. And when you come down on it it’s still that fat rock sound that I love."

Eddie had got an amazing set of Zildjian cymbals together for the tour.

"It’s great, you can smack it and it doesn’t lose control"

Zildjian K Custom Ride 22”
Made by Zildjian
A very versatile cymbal that really punches through and has complex tones. The Zildjian K Custom Ride 22” is unlathed and heavily hammered apart from the bell, to provide bright, clean stick definition, loud bell, and dark overtones. The K Custom cymbals are specially designed to provide more volume and cut with a quicker attack and decay than traditional K Zildjians.

"The ride’s my favourite one and it’s a big 22-inch K ride. And it’s the perfect marriage - if you want to get a nice pingy contacty kind of sound, it sounds perfect, and then if you want to make it break a bit, and make it wash a tiny bit, it’s great. You can smack it and it doesn’t lose control and blow out the rest of the kit, and it’s got a really big bell on it, so it caters for absolutely everything you want to do. It’s massive, it’s great."

"They are amazing, absolutely beautiful cymbals"

Zildjian A Custom Crash 17” and 19”
Made by Zildjian
These A Custom crashes give a natural, bright, sound that is not too high, not too low. They speak very quickly with warm undertones. The 17” has a small bell size, and the 19” a large bell size.

"And then on top of that I’ll be using two A Customs, one’s medium, this one’s a thin 17 and then I’m going to have a medium 19 and well, they’re amazing, they’re just absolutely beautiful cymbals. And then I’ve got a big K Custom China that’s 19 inches, and I’ve not heard anything better."

"I’ve not heard anything better"

Zildjian K Custom Dark China 19”
Made by Zildjian
Dry, dark China sound. Immediate initial trashy attack with fast decay. Thin with small bell size and traditional finish.

He’s also trying some new hihats.

"I’ve got 14.5 Hybrid K Customs, and they’re really interesting, I’ve never used hihats that have been kind of hand hammered and have funny shapes in, and these have little rivets going round the edge and it gives you, more kind of in the same family as the ride, it gives you every level of response you want.

So if you’re playing with the tip, really delicately, it just sounds so crisp and clean and it’s really sensitive so you can make the slightest change to how you’re playing and it will respond, and at the same time if you’re just kind of laying into it, it’s not too sharp, it’s a nice kind of full, deep kind of hihat sound."

"Gives you every level of response you want"

Made by Zildjian
The K Custom Hybrid HiHat range has expanded as it has become very popular, and was developed with Japanese jazz fusion drummer Akira Jimbo. The cymbals feature Reverse Mastersound “Hybrid hammering” on the bottom cymbal, and the increased surface area on contact points between the cymbals gives a warmer “chick”. They come in 13.25” and 14.25”. The 13.25” combines the power of a 14” with the control of a 13” HiHat pair. The 14.25” HiHats capture the same sound as the existing 13.25” models but with extra volume and more breadth of sound.

He recently changed his sticks and is now in a bit of a bind about what to do next.

"At the moment I’m using Vater 1As and they’re the ones that I’ve been using for the last year, just about, and I broke all of them and I’ve spent the last two weeks using ones that are slightly shorter because the 1As you get an extra 3/4 of an inch to an inch on the end and I like that, I have found it really good for balance.

But I’ve spent the last two weeks on sticks that are a normal length, and now I’ve gone back to them they feel really alien, so my stick situation is now in limbo and I’m not sure what I’m going to go for, for the rest of this year and for doing the album. I’ll see what happens."

"Really good for balance"

Vater 1A
Made by Vater