December Sessions at The O2 "The Q&A Sessions - Planes", Dec'11

Check out today's addition to our daily Question & Answer with December Sessions' band Planes, who will take to the stage tomorrow night, the 7th of December...

Hey guys, firstly could you introduce yourselves and what role you each play in the band?
Hello, my name is steve forrest, i play guitar and sing lead vox in planes, we also have mr eddie harris on drums, mr ted brunning on lead guitar/vox, mr dan sayer on bass/vox, and little ms char o'lette on keys/violin/vox.

How would you describe your band’s sound?
I suppose its alternative rock music, but with a lot of blues and country undertones.

What and who are your biggest influences?
Our influences vary quite a bit which is why i think we make the music we do. Me (Steve) personally, I love artists like bo diddly, and the arctic monkeys.

If you could collaborate with any musician, who would it be?
Ben Gibbard.

What are you like as a touring band? Trashed hotel rooms and unwashed clothes?! Or healthy eating and government daily recommended amounts of sleep?!
We haven't toured much together yet, but ill have to say a bit of both...

If you each had to choose one album to take on a desert island, what would it be?
Radiohead "Kid A".

If you could throw one genre of music into Room 101, killing it off forever, what would it be?
Boy band/girl group pop...fucking kill yourselves.

Let’s have a moment of Christmas Kitsch - what’s your favourite Christmas song (or Christmas number 1 single)?
"Blue Christmas" - Elvis Presley.

Mulled wine or beer?
For the holidays, mulled wine.

Finally, please sum up your excitement in playing at the December Sessions in 10 words or less with a little drawing to accompany it: