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Miss Moneypenny

Penance for his sin, he locked it in for just a little while 
lubricating creams, sanitaries would only cramp his style 
it's a dirty job but shooting guns just makes you horny 
wants to spill his seed on guaranteed, service with a smile. 

Miss Moneypenny 

Pitter patter of the eyelid on the first roll of the dice 
feel the atmosphere, it's gently laced with nicotine and spice 
it's a long walk home, the entrance of the night is scary 
only trouble is, he never learned to shoot the same gun twice 

Miss Moneypenny 

Every job he saves the girl 
martini, mobile phone 
bastards getting in his way 
they're all pushing daisies 

All you need to make a movie is a gun and a girl 

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