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Fight For Love

Not everything can be bought in a pack
or like a number divide or add up
as an investment amass collect the turnout
no negotiator can ever put price
on the force of your heart beat

Don't start telling stories
'cause we already know the ending
excuses disguise and deception
we're lazy selfish apologetic
but not regretful

Don't you tell me this is nonsense it is not
it's a Machiavellian plot
escaping the trap takes
the whole of your heart

Always complaining harassing each other
giving excuses cheating for power
shutting your feelings will get you far
well I don't think so 
this is a fight for love
make it not just a thought

Business profit accounting
again we are calculating
success is just a chimera
compete attack and achieve
we are going crazy you know that's
the way of the fools to fulfillment

Nobody's got it right nobody's wrong
and your way is just one more
don't follow the masses
go where you wanna go

Fight for love take it to the top don't be
afraid of showing you are capable of more
fight for love equalty and respect
this is about affection
there is no right or left