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We're trapped in life
with all its complications
a vicious competition that will never let up
but travelling across in this direction
a gigantic rock is gonna free us all

This is the end we've reached
our destination the witty and the pretty
and the black and blue
we knew from the beginning of the ending
space is nothing time is an illusion too

This is the end of evolution
humankind has no solution
on the last day of creation
the dance floor's the revelation

A terrifying rock coming from the unknown
will erase the problems of this evil world
letting us free from suffering and pain
with an atomic collision
that will blow us away

Now music is replacement for religion
believing in the rhythm
you can make it work
forget about confusion and frustration
get dancing through the drama feel it more

No hell no heaven no god
don't hesitate no you have nothing to regret
you've done nothing wrong
no final judgement no hell
no heaven no god nothing to pay for

In the sky an amazing bell of fire
say goodbye 'cos time will soon expire