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Lady of the Flowers (bass, version 2)

From The Brick Shithouse tab Archive.
Tabbed by Danny Williams.


In Placebo tuning (low to high): F,Bb,Eb,Ab
I recommend playing this with a plectrum (as Stef does) to get the right sound.
Ab¦-------16-17-16-Let ring..-----16-17-16-Lr..----¦-17-16 Lr..---16-17-16-Lr..------¦
Eb¦-----14---14-Let ring..------14---14-Lr..-------¦-14-Lr..----14---14-Lr..---------¦
F ¦------------------------------------------------¦---------------------------------¦

Play first bar the first time of each 'verse' only, then repeat bar 2 (marked with an 
asterix) behind each repeat, ("scuse me, I appologise" etc...) making sure that open Bb note
rings on for as long as possible.


Ab¦-------------------------------¦                  ¦-------------------------------¦
Eb¦-------------------------------¦                  ¦-------------------------------¦
Bb¦-------------------------------¦ reapeat X3 then  ¦-------------------------------¦
F ¦-1-1--1-1----5-5--5-5--0-5--0--¦                  ¦--1-1--slide up, then down..-5-¦

Then Brians guitar goes heavy ("she wears her tears on her blouse..") and the bass goes 
like this:

Bb¦----8-8-8-8-¦-7-7-7-7-¦-8-8-8-8-¦---------¦ then repeat as necesarry
F ¦------------¦---------¦---------¦-8-8-8-8-¦ the whole 4 bars.

There is a some slide things in the very last heavy chorus, but it should be pretty easy
to work out. Then repeat the [intro/verses] bit again as neccesary over the outro.