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Placebo Books

Bruised & Broken
Kaththea Azzurra Rowland, 2003 (English)

Placebo. 21st Century Boys
Silvia Giagnoni, 2003 (Italian)

Placebo: the Singles for Guitar Tab
2004 (French)

Des Cadences Et Des Maux
Sébastien Michaud, 2005 (French)

Brian was unhappy with some pictures in this book so it is no longer being published or sold.

Placebo de A à Z
Manuel Rabasse, 2005 (French)

Miller Anderson, 2005 (French)

Placebo: Meds (Tab)
Music Sales Ltd, 2006 (English)

Placebo, jouer de la guitare avec tab (+CD)
Emf, 2007 (French)

Brian Sylvester, 2007 (German)

Placebo. Rock sur ordonnance
Thierry Desaules, 2009 (French)

The Xfm Top 1000 Songs of All Time
Mike Walsh, 2010 (English)

"Xfm has been broadcasting some of the best Anglo-Saxon audio-porn ever created since its inception.  I am very proud to have some of my sauciest performances included in this weighty tome"  - Brian Molko 

Placebo Members
Books Llc, 2010 (English)

Misunderstood - The Brian Molko Story
Chloe Govan, 2010 (English)

Rock Addictions
Pascal Pacaly, 2011 (French)