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Without You I'm Nothing (1998)

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12 October 1998
Elevator Music Ltd., Virgin

01. Pure Morning
02. Brick Shithouse
03. You Don't Care About Us
04. Ask for Answers
05. Without You I'm Nothing
06. Allergic (To Thoughts Of Mother Earth)
07. The Crawl
08. Every You Every Me
09. My Sweet Prince
10. Summer's Gone
11. Scared of Girls
12. Burger Queen
13. Evil Dildo (hidden track)

All music by Placebo. All lyrics by Brian Molko. 'Every You Every Me' lyrics by Brian Molko and Paul Campion

Produced by Steve Osborne for 140 DB Management
Engineered by Adrian Bushby
Additional engineering by Paul Corkett for 140 DB Management

Recorded at Real World Studios, Bath. Assisted by Jacquie Turner. Mixed at Whitfield Studios, London. Assisted by Jake Davies.

'Pure Morning' produced by Phil Vinall. Engineered by Teo Miller. Recorded and mixed at Livingston Studios, London. Programmed by Phelan Kane  

Mastered by Bunt Stafford-Clark at Townhouse Studios, London

Photography by Corrine Day 
Design by Placebo / Blue Source