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Placebo (1996)

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16 July 1996
Elevator Music Ltd., Virgin

1. Come Home
2. Teenage Angst
3. Bionic
4. 36 Degrees
5. Hang On To Your IQ
6. Nancy Boy
7. I Know
8. Bruise Pristine
9. Lady Of The Flowers
10. Swallow
11. HK Farewell (hidden track)

All songs by Placebo

Brian Molko: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Keytar, Bass, Voice
Stefan Olsdal: Bass, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Moog, Baby Grand, Rhodes Piano
Robert Schultzberg: Percussion, Drums, Didgeridoo

Produced by Brad Wood. 
Engineered by Ed Kenehan. 

Design: Wendi Horowitz
Photography [Band Photo]: Mary Scanlon
Photography: Saul Fletcher

Recorded at Westland Studios, Dublin, Republic Of Ireland, in the spring of 1996.