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Extended Play '07 

31 July 2007 / Virgin

Exclusive 8-track CD EP, featuring classic tracks from each of their studio albums, plus 3 previously unreleased live recordings, sealed & stickered picture sleeve.
Artwork [Design] by Jessica St. Peter 
Photography by Joseph Llanes 

1. Nancy Boy
2. Every You Every Me
3. Taste In Men
4. The Bitter End
5. Meds (feat Alison Mosshart)
6. Pure Morning (live from Arras)
7. Infra-Red (live from Nimes)
8. Running Up That Hill (live from Santiago)

Rare European promo CD

2004 / Virgin, Elevator Music

Rare official European 17-track promotional only compilation CD featuring a mixture of album tracks and well known songs with cover versions. Custom printed disc housed in a custom promo card wallet picture sleeve with the full tracklisting on the back.

1. Running Up That Hill
2. Ion
3. Needledick
4. The Innocence Of Sleep
5. Leni
6. Something Rotten
7. Theme From Funky Reverend
8. Dub Psychosis
9. H K Farewell
10. Plasticine (Lounge Version)
11. I'll Be Yours (Version 4am)
12. Evalia
13. Teenage Angst (Piano Version)
14. Hug Bubble (Brad Wood Remix)
15. Leeloo
16. Swallow
17. Evil Dildo

Placebo 2CD Originals

22 September 2008 / EMI

Exclusive limited edition 22-track 2-CD album set, issued as part of EMI's '2CD Originals' series, combining 1996's 'Placebo' and 2003's 'Sleeping With Ghosts', including the singles 'Nancy Boy' and 'TheBitter End', presented in sealed card slipcase.

CD 1 - Sleeping With Ghosts
1. Bulletproof Cupid
2. English Summer Rain
3. This Picture
4. Sleeping with Ghosts
5. The Bitter End
6. Something Rotten
7. Plasticine
8. Special Needs
9. I'll Be Yours
10. Second Sight
11. Protect Me from What I Want
12. Centrefolds

CD 2 - Placebo
1. Come Home
2. Teenage Angst
3. Bionic
4. 36 Degrees
5. Hang On To Your IQ
6. Nancy Boy
7. I Know
8. Bruise Pristine
9. Lady Of The Flowers
10. Swallow

Placebo 2CD Originals

14 September 2009 / EMI

Exclusive limited edition 25-track 2-CD album set, compiling the titles 'Black Market Music' (2000) and 'Meds' (2006); presented in unique sealed card slipcase.

CD 1 - Black Market Music
1. Taste in men
2. Days before you came
3. Special K
4. Spite & malice
5. Passive aggessive
6. Black-eyed
7. Blue american
8. Slave to the wage
9. Commercial for Levi
10. Haemoglobin
11. Narcoleptic
12. Peeping Tom

CD 2 - Meds
1. Meds (feat. Alison Mosshart)
2. Infra-Red
3. Drag
4. Space Monkey
5. Follow the Cops Back Home
6. Post Blue
7. Because I Want You
8. Blind
9. Pierrot the Clown
10. Broken Promise (feat. Michael Stipe)
11. One of a Kind
12. In the Cold Light of Morning
13. Song to Say Goodbye

Placebo / Black Market Music (2-CD Album Set)

2003 / EMI

Limited edition 2-CD album set. Housed in a unique card outer picture slipcase.

CD1 - Placebo:
1. Come home
2. Teenage angst
3. Bionic
4. 36 degrees
5. Hang on to your IQ
6. Nancy boy
7. I know
8. Bruise pristine
9. Lady of the flowers
10. Swallow

CD2 - Black Market Music:
1. Taste in men
2. Days before you came
3. Special K
4. Spite & malice
5. Passive aggessive
6. Black-eyed
7. Blue american
8. Slave to the wage
9. Commercial for Levi
10. Haemoglobin
11. Narcoleptic
12. Peeping Tom

Without You I'm Nothing / Black Market Music (2-CD Album Set)

2002 / Virgin

French only 'Virgin Originals' 2-CD album set. Each disc is housed in a jewel case picture sleeve and presented in unique clamshell style picture box.

CD1: Without You I'm Nothing
1. Pure Morning
2. Brick Shithouse
3. You Don't Care About Us
4. Ask For Answers
5. Without You I'm Nothing
6. Allergic (To Thoughts of Mother Earth)
7. The Crawl
8. Every You Every Me
9. My Sweet Prince
10. Summer's Gone
11. Scared Of Girls
12. Burger Queen

CD2: Black Market Music
1. Taste In Men
2. Days Before You Came
3. Special K
4. Spite & Malice
5. Passive Aggressive
6. Black Eyed
7. Blue American
8. Slave To The Wage
9. Commercial For Levi
10. Haemoglobin
11. Narcoleptic
12. Peeping Tom

Flesh Mechanics (Demos 95-96)

Unofficial Release

Tracks 1-6: Demos 1995 
Tracks 7-10: Demos 1996 
Tracks 11-14 taken from various official releases 
Track 15 recorded live at the Phoenix Festival 18.07.1996 
Tracks 16-17 recorded live at the Glastonbury Festival 1997

1. Nancy Boy
2. Teenage Angst
3. 36 Degrees
4. Paycheck
5. Flesh Mechanic
6. Bruise Pristine
7. Come Home
8. I Know
9. Nancy Boy
10. Teenage Angst
11. Come Home
12. Drowning By Numbers
13. Oxygen Thief
14. Bigmouth Strikes Again
15. 36 Degrees
16. Bruise Pristine
17. Nancy Boy

Placebo Androgyny (DVD)

2005 / Chrome Dreams

UK Region 0 PAL DVD featuring a complete and unauthorised documentary including exclusive interviews with the band, rarely seen photographs and location clips plus indepth and revealing commentary from friends, journalistsand fellow musicians, complete with extensive discography and digital trivia quiz.

The Sun Also Rises (DVD)

2009 / Silver & Gold

The same as "Placebo Androgyny".
UK issue Region 0 DVD which tells the story of their rise to fame and their career as the quintessential Glam act of the nineties and noughties, featuring archive footage of the group, contributions from those who have known them best, exclusive interviews, location shoots, news reports and a host of other features.

Maximum Placebo

2003 / Chrome Dreams

UK unauthorised CD biography including picture booklet, interviews plus fold-out poster, sealed card slipcase.

1. Intro / The Queen Is Dead, Long Live The Queen
2. Bedroon Dreamers
3. The Drummer's Story
4. Mister Molko Changes Trains
5. First Fruit
6. This Beautiful Noise
7. Splinters & Stardust
8. Reflections In The Gutter
9. Sons Of The Silver Screen
10. Love For Sale
11. A New Day Dawning


2006 / Chrome Dreams

Placebo X-Posed offers the opportunity to hear this top selling artist in their own words – get the low-down straight from the horse’s mouth! The disc provides up-to-the-minute interview material from a wide variety of sources, and is entertaining as well as being highly informative. Fans can finally hear what motivates, inspires and amuses their favourite artist, with countless recollections painting a fascinating insight that is otherwise unobtainable elsewhere.

The Document (DVD/CD Set)

2009 / Chrome Dreams

UK 2-disc [DVD/CD] set - Fifteen years into a quite extraordinary career, Placebo remain one the few bands to have retained such a strong and dedicated fan-base that they can go three years without a new album yet return to huge acclaim. This 2-disc set celebrates the long career and welcome return of Placebo, via a 100 minute DVD documentary film about the band and their work. Also features a fascinating 60 minute interview disc with rarely heard recordings of the group in conversation, made at different stages during Placebos carer, and covering all manner of topics from sexuality to money, musical inspirations to politics - and lots more besides. Presented in a picture slipcase complete with picture booklets, a poster and rare photographs.

B Sides promo

1999 / Virgin, Delabel

French promo CD.

1. Dark Globe
2. Been Smoking Too Long
3. Bigmouth Strikes Again
4. Bruise Pristine (One Inch Punch Remix)
5. Mars Landing Party
6. 20th Century Boy
7. Pure Morning (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)
8. Every You Every Me (Sneaker Pimps Version)