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Meds (2006)

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13 March 2006
Elevator Music Ltd., EMI, Virgin

01. Meds (feat. Alison Mosshart)
02. Infra-Red
03. Drag
04. Space Monkey
05. Follow The Cops Back Home
06. Post Blue
07. Because I Want You
08. Blind
09. Pierrot The Clown
10. Broken Promise (feat. Michael Stipe)
11. One Of A Kind
12. In The Cold Light Of Morning
13. Song To Say Goodbye

All tracks written and performed by Placebo.
Produced by Dimitri Tikovoi. Engineered by James Brown.
Mixed by Flood. Except 'Because I Want You' & 'Broken Promise' mixed by Dave Bascombe. 'Infra-Red' mixed by James Brown.
Assistant engineers: Raj Das, Richard Woodcraft (RAK Studios); Steve Mustarde (Livingston Studios); Rob Smith (Sarm Studios); Mark Neary (Snake Ranch); Dan Porter (Sanctuary Town House).
Mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis Studios, London.
Recorded and mixed at RAK Studios, London, except 'Post Blue' & 'Blind' recorded at Livingston Studios, London, and 'Because I Want You' & 'Broken Promise' mixed at Sanctuary Town House, London. 
Strings recorded at Angel Studios, London. 
Additional recording at Sarm Studios, Snake Ranch and Sanctuary Town House, London.
Dimitri Tikovoi and Flood appear courtesy of 140DB. 

'Space Monkey', 'Pierrot The Clown', 'Song To Say Goodbye': 
Strings arranged by Fiona Brice
Violin 1: Deborah White, Natalia Bonner, Tom Piggot-Smith, Krista Casperz, Sarah Button.
Violin 2: Dave Williams, Lucy Wilkins, Gita Langley, Jessie Murphy, Ellie Stanford.
Viola: Reiad Ceibah, Katherine Shave, Emma Owens, Fiona Griffiths.
Cello: Helen Rathbone, Vicky Matthews, Ian Burge, Sarah Wilson.

Michael Stipe appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records. 
Alison Mosshart appears courtesy of Domino. 

Photography by Nadav Kander
Design by Alex Cowper
Digital Imaging by Antony Crossfield
Model: Sabrina @ M&PModels.com