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Black Market Music (2000)

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09 October 2000
Elevator Music Ltd., Hut Recordings, Virgin

01. Taste In Men
02. Days Before You Came
03. Special K
04. Spite & Malice
05. Passive Aggressive
06. Black-Eyed
07. Blue American
08. Slave To The Wage
09. Commercial For Levi
10. Haemoglobin
11. Narcoleptic
12. Peeping Tom
13. Black Market Blood (hidden track)

All tracks written and performed by Placebo. Except 'Spite & Malice' by Placebo / Warfield.
Produced and mixed by Paul Corkett and Placebo.
Engineered by Lorraine Francis. Except 'Taste In Men' produced by Placebo, Dare Mason and Paul Corkett. Engineered by Kenny Patterson and Lorraine Francis.
'Taste In Men' and 'Special K' feature vocals by Severe Loren. 'Spite & Malice' feature vocals by Justin Warfield.
'Peeping Tom' features bass by Bill Lloyd.
'Slave To The Wage' contains a sample from Pavement's 'Texas Never Whispers' written by Stephen Malkmus and Scott Kannberg.
String arrangements by Rob Ellis. String programming by Dimitri Tikovoi.

Recorded at Olympic, Townhouse and Moody Studios, London.
Mixed at Olympic and Townhouse Studios, London.
Mastered by Ian Cooper at Metropolis Mastering, London.

Photography by Kevin Westenberg
Art direction by Kevin Westenberg, Paul Collins

Music Boxes supplied by Keith Harding's World Of Mechanical Music. 

This Album is Dedicated to the Memory of Scott Piering.